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Sunday, January 27, 2013

the first week: bindis and butterflies

Four hours of sleep daily. Tiny little fingers and tiny little diapers. Spit up and mustard yellow poopy. Sore nipples and an itchy wrinkly postpartum belly. That's what's up now.... 
::scratch, scratch, scratch, yaaaaaaaawn::
Here are a few photos from my first week as a mommy
Sorry to get all mushy gushy here but my husband is amaaaaaazing.
Since my 30 hour labor/c-section/fibroid removal last Sunday, my husband has proven himself to be one heck of a care taker. He supervises my baths, changes my bandages, helps me get dressed, takes care of baby River when needed, runs the errands AND works full time managing the mobile home park we live in. He's top banana!
Here's our collection of hospital bracelets we had to wear. Believe it or not, there are a few bracelets missing. Time to get a scrapbook I guess.
I was totally prepared to have a completely natural birth (I had an unplanned c-section) but sometimes when I look at this little fellow I think, "My gosh! All of THAT was supposed to come out of WHAT?!" The c-section was THE worst experience of my life but I can't help but be a weeeeeee bit grateful that I didn't have to push all of eight pounds of this bouncing Buddah baby out of my....
But if I have my say in how events go the next time I give birth I will be MORE than happy to try natural again.
 River's Granny bought this CD for us at a garage sale a few months ago. She's a a very humble and conservative woman so I was pretty darn surprised when she presented us with this gift. The CD is awesome and the music is sooooo dreamy!
The baby had his first checkup with the family doctor a few days ago. 
 He cooperated very well- even giving the doctor a big yawn when it was time to look inside his mouth.
Ah, yes... and.... er, everything is as it should be. ;)
Our doctor's equipment is super retro. He's not trying to be cool or make a statement by using old medical stuff- it's just that if it's still in working order, safe to use and still looks good, why replace it?? Smart man.
Here are some of the awesome gift's I've received:
My husband found this gorgeous hand painted serving tray at the hospital's gift shop. Isn't it lovely?
Here's a little gift I got for myself. I was chilling at home trying to figure out if  was actually in labor when I ordered these amazing necklaces from Natasha Hanson's Etsy shop. I got these in the day after we got home from the hospital. Just in time!
One of my awesome midwives got me some orange ginger candy, tea and beautiful bindis. It all came in this ADORABLE felt owl tote.
I'm pretty darn behind on work, I have a Steampunk Valentine's day ball to finish planning and it's waaaaay past time to update my Renaissance Faire paperwork and contracts but the baby is a little more important than that stuff right now.... even though I have a town of 63,000 people waiting on me to announce the dates of the faire for this year.
I'm recovering pretty well. I can get around well enough to do some light cleaning and cooking but I still need a little help bathing and getting dressed sometimes. I'm pretty proud of myself for adjusting to new mommy life so quickly- for example, I'm not at all upset that it has taken me almost two days to finish this post.
Gotta go. Time to go pump again.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your husband, your baby is beautiful. I love the name River. You sound like you had a rough time, I also had a C Section when I planned and hoped for a home birth, however, the main thing is a healthy happy baby and Mummy. Sending lots of good wishes your way, take care xx

  2. Baby River is such a cool baby! His onesie is so Freddy Mercury and he listens to Nirvana lullabies!
    You will get some more sleep soon and you are very lucky to have a great husband and father to help you and your baby.

  3. oh, your baby is soooosooosoo lovely!<33333

  4. I love your Doctor, he looks amazing, also like Richard Griffiths. River looks very sweet, babies with clenched fists crack me up. You got some amazing presents and I'm really tempted by those necklaces x

    1. HAHAHA! he DOES look like Richard Griffiths! Of course he makes me think of Santa Clause- not just because of how he looks but because he's such a jolly guy

  5. I just love how you got all distracted by the Doctor's splendid retro gear...and you also distracted me!
    Jaysus, you had a hell of a time of it, but you're all happy and positive and loving your little man, which is awesome. Doesn't sound like you're daunted one little bit! And HURRAH for the most fantastic hubby! What a guy!
    And then you go and get all those pressies! How brillant!!! Treats for Mama are great, so many forget about Mama and just concentrate on baby.
    Many congratulations to you all!!! Look at your lovely creation!

  6. Wow, I missed this! Congratulations on baby River (fab name)! Despite all the trauma I'm in awe of you being back and blogging, you're a superwoman and you totally deserve a top guy like your husband. xxx

    1. Thanks sugar! Glad to see you back. Looks like you had a great trip!

  7. Congratulations! I'm happy to meet you just as this momentous event has happened so I can enjoy following along and hearing all about it. Like, I didn't know about itchy bellies after giving birth. Your boy is beautiful and writing style hilarious.

  8. Holy guacamole, mothers are Wonderwoman! The owl is gorgeous!

    Sarah xxx

  9. So, your comment reminded me that you surely had a little bundle hanging around with you now. So I just had to pop by and check it out. He is super cute! And you are quite a trooper to have gone through 30 hours of labor.
    That hat from another post really cracked me up too. Very cute on ya :)


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