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Saturday, January 19, 2013

ready or not here comes mama!

Here we go. 4 days over my due date and I'm ready to just dive in there and get this baby out myself. I'm going to reach in, grab him by the foot and yank him out! Ok I won't do that (yet), but that's how ready I am to get this over and done with.
A couple of days ago I asked my midwife if it was ok to try the old castor oil trick and she told me to wait for my next appointment so we could discuss some less "violent"  methods. Well that appointment was today...
Let the homeopathic labor induction begin!
Since the midwife if not a fan of using castor oil to induce labor she gave me her "bag-o-tricks" with a detailed list of instructions for use. There's a lot of stuff in the bag and a long list of instructions and I really don't feel like explaining what's what right now... but if any of these products work, I'll be sure to let you know.
 My mom swears by castor oil and red cabbage to jump start labor so we picked up some pre-mixed salad after the appointment..and a bottle of castor oil "just in case".
 I looooooooove salad and I haven't had any in forever. I was a little freaked out to find that I ate the whole bag by myself but oh, well. Right now I can still shrug it off and say "I'm pregnant" and everyone will think it's cute... cute that I ate a pound of salad by myself. 
This behavior won't be acceptable soon. Especially not with the way I eat salad- just as much shredded cheese, bacon bits and dressing as there is salad. Delish.
Let's hope this red cabbage thing works.
Any signs of labor yet?
My contractions are getting a little stronger and definitely more frequent, my cervix is nice and soft, I'm just a teeny bit dilated and I cut my hair tonight (failed at a new years resolution already). I usually freak out about my hair when I'm super hormonal. When I get to the point of taking the scissors to it myself, that means something's a'brewin'.
Will this be my last bump shot??
Sorry for the boring outfit but my wardrobe is pretty limited these days.
 My footwear selection is also pretty limited as well... and surely you can see why...
Who's foot is this?!?!?
OK, folks. I'm off. The next time I write a post hopefully it'll be about the arrival of this little one.
Let's get herbed up and go have a baby!
Oh! One more thing!
Look at these gorgeous necklaces I just bought from my bloggy friend Natasha Hanson's Etsy store!
She's moving her online shop so she's having a 60% off moving sale.
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  1. fingers crossed you're all babied up now! Apparently doggy style works too, not sure if that's just something a bloke invented. Love those necklaces!

  2. Good luck my dear!

  3. Hi, Hollie,

    Thanks for following me! I just came to visit and had a good look around your blog - I love it! And I'm not even a mommy. You and your hubby are so cute. I love your banner - it's just the sweetest thing!

    You're probably in labor as I type this, and you won't read this for a few days because you'll be so busy/tired, but I'll be following to see how the three of you are doing. Good luck!


  4. Ermahgerd, I do hope that baby is OUT by now! For all of your puffy feet and salad eatin', you still look beautiful (and happy!). I'm thinking of you - hope we get to see your new addition SOON!

    Sarah xxx

  5. Good luck and hang in there, he will be out when he is ready!
    I hope that you have a minimal amount of discomfort and that the baby is beautiful and healthy with all the necessary parts!
    Hugs, Ofelia

  6. cute outfit! wishing you a healthy baby...i know you are ready!

  7. Alternating herbs from my midwife is what finally made us go into labor! AHHH! I hope by now that you're all comfy with your new baby and everything is great. I'm almost as anxious about your baby as I was my own!

    Thank you for posting my promo code! :D

  8. I was induced with caster oil a week before my due date of Christmas Day!


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