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Sunday, January 13, 2013

just one push present... please?

Eating: Whoppers from Burger King (yes, plural)
Drinking: Watered down apple juice
Listening to: Nick Drake
Feeling: better
A few years ago I was watching some stupid current events news show and they were talking about "push presents". A push present is gift a husband buys for his wife after she gives birth. On this particular show they were reporting on celebrity push presents (this was when all the chicks in Hollywood got knocked up at the same time and babies were the most hep accessory to have).
So anyways, among these push presents being reported were things like crazy expensive diamond jewelry, cars, vacations, houses... Cool right? Whatever. Pphhhhffffff, maybe I'm just a little jealous.
But you know- I don't know of any woman who has ever received a push present. Probably because #1 Who's got that kind of money? and #2 The baby is the push present.
But in my selfish little fantasy world (tucked deep within my mind) I know what I would ask for if I were getting a "push present".
This $%&* bag right here.
I need this right now
Wouldn't you?
I found this image on Pinterest and I have no idea where I could find or one like it. I bet it's super expensive though.... but ain't I worth it?
I've been working on my labor and birth play list today. I think music will be a really good distraction for me. When I listen to music, I go into a trance- that's why I can't really listen to it while I'm trying to do something important. When I listen to music I mostly imagine what the music video would look like if I were directing it or I choreograph a dance routine to it in my head. Sometimes, if I'm not satisfied with how things played out in my mind, I'll start the song over so I can give it another go. I've zoned out for miles doing this while driving. Totally not a good feeling to pull up in your driveway and you don't even remember how on earth you got there.
So anyways, here's a wee bit of who's on my list:
Devendra Banhart

Young the Giant

Iron & Wine


Rufus Wainwright

Did you make a playlist specifically for labor and birth?
What was on it?


  1. Ooh thanks for the reminder, Iron & Wine is the perfect music for a cozy Sunday in front of the computer! :)

    And this ethno bag looks amazing! <3

  2. One monotonous playlist I was hearing for my first delivery was my husband chewing on red licorice telling me to breath!!! Annoying!! ha! My second delivery (twins) was my doctor's voice telling us that he was on Vicodin due to throwing his back out. My third and final labor soundtrack was me wondering why I was doing it again!! lol
    Really though, it's a wonderful and amazing time. I'd suggest some tribal drumming music. ;)

    1. I'm glad you mentioned that! My midwife suggest I make a playlist of "get pumped up" music as well. For me that's my fast paced drumming belly dance music. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. haha I asked my husband about giving me a gift early on in the pregnancy. I wasnt serious though lol I think the baby is the gift..but it would be nice to receive another gift from the man for doing all that hard work lol.

    I don't think i'd have a playlist for labor. Music distracts me and sometimes depending on my mood it annoys me. but I really think it'd work for you. you'd be able to go in the zone!


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