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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

kiss my buns! {going past due date}

My due date was the 15th. I really didn't feel like that was going to be "the big day" so I just went on about my day like it was any other day... well kind of. I was abnormally tired and mopey all day. I slept poorly and woke up way too early... then I went down for a nap and slept waaaaay too long.
We had to cancel our midwife appointment that was scheduled for today because of the weather. It sleeted this morning and the roads were just a tiny bit icy. Yes that's all. Sleet. This is East Texas and no one around here is used to driving in any kind of wintery weather so everything shuts down at the first sign of ice (ramps, bridges, even businesses and schools)- plus our midwife's office is over an hour away and that drive would have been taking us towards worse weather.
So anywho- this evening I got really sick of laying around in bed  doing I got up, got dressed.... and did nothing....
Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I should be up moving around, maybe even going for a lovely stroll with my husband in the park right? NO. We went to Target last night to get some diapers and receiving blankets and we were in there for about thirty minutes just to get two items. I could barely walk! People would stop doing what they were doing to gawk at me and watch me walk by. Huge belly, leaning back walking like a bow legged buffalo- yes I am truly something to behold in this state.
Now, I'm still just lounging around like a glamorous Jabba the Hutt listening to Radiohead - waiting for a sign. Wait! I think I felt something! Oh, never mind.  Just a little gas.


  1. it's going to be a cool baby if you keep feeding it Radiohead tracks. X

  2. YAY! I was 4 days past my due date when labor started. I had no idea I was in labor. Like, I thought I had to poo. So if you feel like that... well.. the time is near. Hopefully :D GOOD LUCK! The birth will be the best thing of your life. And seeing your baby for the first time will be heart wrenching. Such good times! Can't wait to see photos!

  3. Hey Buffalo-gal! I'm so glad I found you before the baby comes - I'm looking forward to seeing your baby. Sarah xxx

  4. Anyone that can relate Jabba the Hutt and Radiohead is a sentence and as part of their daily lives is a friend in the making to me.
    Hang in, the baby will come when he/she is ready.
    Best of luck, Ofelia

  5. Nice to find you and your blog in time to wish you all the best with the delivery of your wee one! And I agree: he or she will come out channeling inner coolness after hearing Radiohead in the womb. Xo


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