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Thursday, January 10, 2013

follow me.

When I started this blog a few months ago it was something completely different. It was called Modern Filth and it was raw, gritty and just plain absurd (me in a nutshell). Then I decided to soften the overall feel, focus on blogging more about pregnancy and changed the name. Thus Modern Colors was born.
I changed the blog title and URL many times in just a couple of months and I guess I confused my feed pretty bad.
One service I used to correct the problem was like, "Yeah we'll fix it. But when someone subscribes to you, they'll get ADVERTISEMENTS instead of blog posts!" That sucked.
So after weeks of trying to fix things myself, I finally got it figured out.
Bloglovin' and Google Reader are the two ways I keep up with blogs. Between them both I am subscribed to over 400 blogs... and that's the number after I cleaned out my list for the new year. (still working on that)
I'm so pleased to announce than now you can follow my blog in any way you like. No ads and no bull crappery. (But if you prefer Bloglovin' like I do, just click here.)

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  1. Thanks for getting it all fixed...just before the baby! :) Love your witty and unique ways! My blog: (I may be the 401st person you follow Ha!).


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