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Saturday, January 5, 2013

38 weeks

At 38 weeks I'm craving soda pop and beer.
Yes, beer (doesn't mean I'm drinking it though).
My appetite has calmed down a lot but if I stay up late I turn into a PB&J munching maniac- consuming at least 2 sandwiches in the matter of minutes with room for more.
Down to the nitty gritty.
Let's face it: I'm focusing on blogging about my pregnancy right now and pregnancy ain't always pretty so here goes...
I have hemorrhoids for the first time in my life.
I keep hearing that this is a good sign because it means that labor is close but I can't bear the thought of trying to push a baby out myself while my bum is in such a terrible state.
I went to the ER just a few minutes after ringing in the new year but everything is fine I guess. 
I had a yucky heavy headache for almost a week straight and was having a couple of other signs of pre-eclampsia. My tests have all come back clean and my blood pressure is perfect... just a headache.

Oh my.
Hemorrhoids. Why?


  1. ahhh hemorrhoids! i remember them after birth - so crazy! lasts forever! hope youre feeling better otherwise and your headache has lifted!

  2. Oh no! Hope you get to doing better soon. The baby is cooking up nice and well in there. You look well and glowing! Any day now, I am sure you cannot wait!


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