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Monday, January 14, 2013

so, um- I'm having a baby... tomorrow?

 So here it is. The time is nigh. Or is it?
My due date is Jan 15th (tomorrow) and this is my first kid. I hear tale that the first babies are never on time. But here's something a lot of women don't realize: there's really no such thing as a "due date".  The due date is just a estimation of when the baby should be arriving. Could be before... could be after...
I hate that so much. Now I feel more restless and impatient than ever realizing this.
So I've been passing the time sleeping, cleaning, watching documentaries on Netflix with my husband, blog hopping and pretty much anything I can that doesn't require moving around a lot or leaving the house.
These days super suck because I'm still bored and I've been aching to get dressed up and go out and strut my big fat belly around town. 
OK, there's so many things wrong with what I just said:
#1: I can't get "dressed up". I've nothing to wear anymore. I'm just too big.
#2: I can't strut. Heck, I can barely walk.
#3 The only thing to do in town is to go to a bar or go out to eat. We're broke... and we don't do the bar thing.... especially not now.
I'm pretty thrilled about all the clothes I'll be able to wear again once I have this baby. Well, I know it won't be super soon- I've gained 40 pounds for crying out loud....

Playing a wee bit of dress up makes me a feel a little better- even if I'm not going anywhere.
Dickies Sunglasses: Citi Trends
Cardigan: Thrifted
Shirt: Hand-me-down
Scarf: Just a Dollar
0ga flesh tunnels - Ebay
NYC Lipstick in Retro Red: K-Mart on sale for .50
I had a crazy dream the other morning. I dreamed that I had the baby in a hospital in a shallow bathtub- it was a boy. The birth was totally painless and the baby was taken away to be cleaned and examined for three days. I didn't even get to see his face before they took him.  Everything was very calm in this dream. No one was worried or panicked about anything- not even me. When I finally got my baby back I found that he was healthy, very beautiful and looked just like me... and weighed about 30 pounds.
30 pounds!!?!?!? Man, I hope that's not a sign.


  1. Hey Hollie, hang in there! That baby will come when its ready. Try not to rest too much though, take a walk, stay busy, and keep your body moving at a comfortable rate. It will help with labor and keep your mind occupied too <3

  2. Good luck! I remember that time so well!

  3. stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

    good luck!!
    and def LOVING those pics you shared :-)

    New follower via email! :-)

  4. Crikey!! As I type you may well be holding a little 'un in your arms!

    You asked if I was wearing a bra under that swimsuit-yes!! It did have a built in one, but it was rubbish! I usual;ly find that they are pretty awful.And, as it's a 60's one, it was all bent up anyway. My boobs are so big I definbetly need help or they flobulate all over the place when I'm trying to enjoy the swim!

    Hope your birth is as lovely as your dream, but that baby person weighs no more than 8 pounds or so!! I once had a dream that I gave birth to a cardboard cut out man, a bit like Lasher! EW!

  5. Hi, just been reading your blog - love the Frida Khalo post!!!!!!!! I remember waiting for my baby to be born but I don't recall having any dreams like yours. I hope baby is born healthy and the birth goes well. When it all starts it is so exciting.


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