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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the countdown.

Eating: PB&J
Drinking: Watered down apple juice
Listening to: Devendra Banhart
Feeling: A little impatient.
I'm 39 weeks now and I'm more than ready to get this show on the road.
The baby is sitting even lower and my lower back and pelvic area feel like I've been riding a very large horse for a very long time on a very bad road.
I have a bra strap showing in almost every darn photo I take!! I'm going to start wearing a freakin' shawl.
Our bags have been packed and ready for a couple of weeks now and I made this list for my husband...
I hope I haven't left anything out.
I realized that I really needed to rewash and sort out the baby's clothes. They've just been sitting in trash bags and boxes for months. (We don't know the baby's gender so we've been accepting hand-me-downs for a boy and girl.) I washed the baby's clothes in baby mild Dr. Bronner's liquid soap and sorted them out by gender. Then I went through our bags again... and again to make sure we have everything and decided to pack the baby a different "going home" outfit.
Then I checked the bags again.
My husband has been soooooo helpful and loving this entire pregnancy. Well I mean that's just his nature (that's why I married him) but I wanted to marry him all over again when I jokingly asked him to paint my toes because I can't reach my feet and he totally said yes.
He's never painted nails before and his technique was awful but he got the job done.
To me, my toes have never been prettier.


  1. Eeee! So close!
    I love your toes! That's so sweet. Rusty used to cut my toenails when I was pregnant. He never braved painting them, though. Ha!


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