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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

honk honk

  What the heck is going on party people? I hope everyone is having a supreme Tuesday.
Today me and the family went to Marshall for our last appointment with the midwife. This was the baby's longest trip so far and he didn't handle it too well. He cried most of the way there on our hour and thirty minute long journey. He's gotta learn to cope before we head to New York for my sister-in-law's wedding in June. Yes, we're driving folks. From Texas to New York with a baby. Man, oh man.
So here's what I wore today.
 Sweater, tank & leggings - Walmart
Necklace - Etsy
Skirt - Target
Socks - Just a $1
Shoes (old) - Citi Trends
A few years ago I went out with some friends wearing socks with my heels. They looked at me like I had lost my mind! One guy stared at my feet and said "What's going on there?" No one had seen it done before and they were quite baffled. I never did it again after that. Since it's kind of a  trend now, I can wear my socks and heels again without question or judgement. I love getting my way.
Due to the pleasant temperature of the afternoon I totally could have gone leggingless but... um... I haven't shaved my legs in well over a month... or two...
 Have I introduced you to my tattoos yet? No? Well here's 2/4. 
Of course the fly on my left arm always raises eyebrows and stirs up a stream of questions when it's spotted. "Why?" people ask. "Why the fly?"
Why not?
A cousin once said to me, "I have a tattoo of cute little bees. Bees are attracted to honey. You have a fly. Flies are attracted to sh*t."
Yes, I know- and dead things, rotting fruit, stinky stuff... and sugar. HA! Take THAT!
So anywho, when this tattoo (named Fillipe) was still fresh and healing, the spike from a snow shoe caught me in arm and carved his eye out. Total freak accident. So he only has one eye, the poor dear.
The stars on my right arm don't mean a thing either. Just stars.
So what the eff is for dinner tonight?  Awesomeness, that's what. Gotta go cook now. Laters!


  1. You're looking pretty fab-u-lous! Great outfit, and it looks like the kind of thing you can wear all day (in the car with an unhappy baby) and still be comfortable. Love the squishy face in the previous post - he's a doll!

  2. I cook edamame and talapia all the time, I get them cheap at Super Walmart.
    I drove with my kids from San Diego to Florida in Dec '99 and when we were driving through Texas it felt like forever!!!
    Really like your outfit and the socks with shoes is very anime.
    Baby boy is gorgeous and I also like your tattoos history.

  3. I really really love Fillipe! He's just amazingness. Looking awesome, I'm coming round yours for dinner xxxx

  4. Fillipe is a masterpiece! You are looking incredible. Socks and shoes rock, the world needs to know. Baby boy is adorable. x

  5. That sounds like fun! traveling all that way in a car with a baby. It could be torture but it could also turn out to be a good experience.
    You're the first lady I've seen with a fly tattoo. VERY Interesting lol flies gross me out!


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