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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

two turntables and a pair of booooots

This post is so random it hurts.
We went to Marshall for an appointment with our midwife today. Once again, I'm dressed for post c-section comfort. Not much for fashion. I will, however make a big deal about these boots. They might not look like much to you but they are one of my favorite pair (I have five pairs of black boots... I don't know why).
You're going to think I'm a complete weirdo when I tell you this but I love these boots because they remind me of the very beginning of V for Vendetta when V is getting dressed and he puts on some simple yet kick ace boots. He looks so hardcore in that scene! I got pregnant and swollen right after I got these boots so this is the first time I've been able to zip them all the way up in a very long time. I feel like patrolling the streets and fighting bad government guys when I wear them.

My 80-something year old granddaddy came over Sunday to meet his newest great-grand child. Granddaddy is super cool and dresses like a cowboy- pearl snaps, cowboy hat, boots and all. As a guitarist he found my husband's Cuatro quite fascinating but like the rest of us, he couldn't quite figure it out so he gave up. Does that make him less cool? Hell no.
 My lovely husband still has to change my bandages every evening. My incision is too low for me to see where to tape everything up. He's such a sweetie.
 Mmm... no words for this photo. Everybody say "Awwwwww......"

  This is one of my loverly midwives, Brittany swooning over my handsome little gnome and giving him a little checkup.
Don't you just love this groovy purple receiving blanket my mother-in-law whipped up for us?

Does this photo remind you of anything?
I see your future little one. Make mama proud. 
DJ Babee Rivs? How's that?
And of course... my big silly face all up in yo face. See ya!


  1. I was charging my iPod the other day (this is going somewhere relevant, I promise!) and I glanced over at the laptop to see a picture from an album staring back at me of John Lee Hooker looking so utterly fabulous, that I couldn't think of any other word to describe him other than 'cool' and that isn't a word I ever use. Then I saw your granddad and my goodness if he isn't like those fabulous old blues men, he's wonderful and he is indeed very, well, cool :)
    And look at wee River, what a sweetheart. I love the picture of the two of you together xxx

  2. Your baby is your twin :D
    So cute.. I just wana squeeze his little cheeks!
    Your honey is so sweet. Mine would probably faint trying to dress my wounds !

  3. Your husband and your grandpa play the Cuatro!
    This is an instrument that is part of all the national music in Puerto Rico.
    You are a real 21st century family!

  4. The boots are awesome, black, flat, round toed boots are always amazing and usually worn to death. I love the way your grandad dresses, he's got style, obviously it passed to you and now you can pass it on to your mini DJ, he's very cute! xxx

  5. I love your cheeky face-pulling pics;). I can understand about the boots. There's something about black boots that makes one eternally search for the perfect pair! What an absolutely beautiful baba and he's already got gorgeous taste :). I hope you're keeping well lovely lady xoxo


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