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Sunday, March 29, 2015

jerky bits

"There is only one difference between a madman and me.
The madman thinks he is sane.
I know I am mad."
-Salvador Dali
Today is my last day as an American citizen.
I'm going back to my home planet of of Xuberdoo in the Chocolate Chip galaxy (just a few light years away from the rock formerly known as the planet Pluto).
I'll miss it here but on Xuberdoo I was a princess and...
Right. Soooo anyway, we got a new flag. Our old one didn't do well with all the winter weather and stuff so we had to take it out back and shoot it.


Saturday I went to Atlanta, TX for my Grandfather's 90th birthday party. The party was held at a small BBQ restaurant with tons of family in attendance.

My grandfather is a cowboy. We'll- not really. He just looks like it. He wears boots, pearl-snaps, bolo ties and cowboy hats. That's just his style and I love it. The theme of this party was Country Western so everyone dressed like cowboys like him.
I don't have Western stuff anymore. My boots are beyond repair and there's no snapping pearls over these massive jugs so I just put on some clothes. 
Better than going out naked and unshaven yes?

So that was my weekend.
Alight folks. Now, I'm going to go do some blog reading before my spaceship arrives.

"Reebuh krillip bloom."
That's how we say "Goodbye, I'm a lunatic." in my native language.


  1. Your grandfather is a very stylish, handsome man! I love the idea of the Western theme party and I loove BBQ. Sorry you had to put your old flag down. We're not big on flags in Canada. I don't know anyone who has one, and the one in the park across the way always seems to be at half-mast. They should build the pole double-high and I'd feel better.

  2. I want to have the rest of my birthdays at a BBQ restaurant. My favorite right now is Mo' Betta BBQ in Tallahassee Fla. It's basically a food truck behind a gas station. Yummy! I want some RIGHT NOW. Does your homeworld have BBQ?

  3. Happy bday to grandpa! Looks like a fun party :D

  4. That might be the coolest cake in the world

  5. Love the cake and your Grandpa! He looks stylin'!


  6. There's your wonderful grandad again! How fun is that cake!

  7. Happy birthday to your grandpa! He looks like a great guy - that smile is amazing. You all look so cute in cowboy hats.
    Good luck with your trip. I hear space travel can be tricky with all of those old satellites floating around out there.
    River makes the most adorable faces. Are you teaching her to pose already?

  8. An alien princess... now things are starting to make sense...!

  9. Happy bday to your grandpa! He's a handsome fella, Princess Hollie:D

  10. Your Grandad looks great, what a dude! xxx

  11. Now that sounds like a very good time. Happy birthday to your dapper grandfather! You look gorgeous, but I can't believe you missed an opportunity to dress for a theme.

  12. Dude, your grandpa looks really awesome. Never would have guessed his real age! Your yellow dress is super cute, by the way! :D

    - Anna

  13. hahaha this made me laugh, you are so silly.
    Your grandpa looks like some 60 year olds i know.
    You look nice!

  14. That cake looks amazing! And love the quote!


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