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Monday, March 23, 2015

I forgot to title this.

"If you record the sound of bacon in a frying pan and play it back, it sounds like the pops and cracks on an old 33 1/3 recording. Almost exactly like that. You could substitute it for that sound."
-Tom Waits
 I went outside today for the first time since I got stung in the hand by a wasp last week. I've been afraid of nature every since. Now I'm a pale jaundiced goblin - in desperate need of sunlight and fresh air. I need help. I need an exterminator.
My first winged insect sting was from a bee in the left arm pit a few years ago. I was at an outdoors shindig and didn't know anyone there. I had to ask a total stranger to pluck the stinger from my pit using a pair of tweezers from someone's Swiss army knife.
I cried. I was embarrassed - not because of the situation...
but because I hadn't shaved under my arms in a few weeks.
My secret was out.
Anywho, what's great about today's outfit is....
I also wore it yesterday for a meeting I held in my house with my faire staff.
No makeup for a meeting? How unprofessional!
It's my house. I can be as naked faced as I want.
They're lucky I even bothered to put on pants...
So let's go all the way back to last week. St Patrick's Day ya'll!
I never get to do anything for St Patrick's Day. Poo!
Well, on this particular St Patrick's day, I had worked myself ragged, blogging and cleaning so I demanded the husband bring home some IPA for coloring while I order pizzas.
Best frigging St Patrick's Day ever.
Well, any day when I don't have to cook is a pretty glorious day.
The kids didn't know it was St Patrick's day, but they could feel the static in the air....
And lookee loo I got more pretty, fresh eggs! It didn't show up in this pic but the lower right one was such a pretty minty color. I almost didn't want to crack it, but I was hungry so... eh.
 And guess what??
I've been carless for over a year! We were so broke! It SUCKED!! But THIS is GREAT!


  1. Oww... I hate bugs. Congrats on the car.

  2. So sorry to read that you were stung:( Ouchie indeed. But yay for the car and the StPat's stuff and everything:D
    PS Tom Waits is awesome. That is all.

  3. yeah to getting your car back. And boo to bug stings. Shaving? That happens in the summer....maybe.

    Your children are getting cuter by the post.

  4. Congrats on getting your car fixed!!! I love Founders!! Have you tried their Breakfast Stout? So freaking good! AAaaaaand now I am craving pizza.

  5. Yay, you have wheels! must be hard with kids! xxx

  6. Hurrah, you have wheels again!! Pop a wheelie, um, I guess that's for bikes. I'm glad you're mobile anyway. Haha - I'm glad you put on pants, and they are such fine pants. The kids look so happy, every time they think of green they will smile. You have to scratch out the stinger or the barbs stay in, I think that's what they say. Or maybe that's for another bug. In any case, I hope you don't have any more run-in with insects. Tom Waits, a sage man.

  7. I laughed out loud about the non shaved armpit bee sting lol.congrats on your car!!!

  8. What's a 33 1/3 recording? I think I forgot. But Tom Waits can cook bacon for me any day. I shaved my armpits today for the first time this season! But I haven't seen any wasps yet.

    The kids are adorable! Cedar's smile is priceless!

  9. Those are pretty eggs. I just recently saw some that weren't the normal white or brown, for the first time at a farmers' market. The different colours are so cool.

    Great to hear your car is working again!


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