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Sunday, March 1, 2015

flow day

 I need a nap.
I need a muthah flippin nap.
I feel like I got intimate with a vampire last night.
Just plain drained.
But I've got too much to do! Instead of napping, I'm gonna blog here... and then read your blogs and then pimp my other blog and then cook dinner and then get on Pinterest and then promote my other blog some more and then read more blogs and then clean the kitchen and then milk the cow and darn the socks and....
 Anywho. Here's a boring outfit I wore to church with my favorite eBay score necklace.

Earlier this week
I know some of you are like "big woop" and some of you are like "DON'T SAY SNOW!"
Well, too bad. Snow. Snow. SNOW.
It hasn't really snowed here in two years and I wanted my babies to see snow for the first time SO badly!
 Hooray for 3X coats that fit over baby carriers. It was super duper cold. I only have dresses and leggings for "going out" duds so I wore my pj pants over yoga pants and some hideous hiking boots I keep on hand in case of the zombie apocalypse and of course no makeup.
 The schools shut down, the roads closed and even my husband got two days off from work.
Four inches of snow for us here in East TX is quite a bit and we're just not equipped for it.

 A snowball fight with the neighbors.

 River got caught in the icy crossfire and got petty upset about it.

 All dry and warm!!
What's next for us?
Weird weather.
So how's the weather where you are?
Seen any dinosaurs lately?


  1. LOL Your posts always make me smile.

    Our weather has sucked this winter. Worst winter in 43 years or some such crap.

    It made me smile to see you enjoying the snow. I just hate it.


  2. Great action shots there, and the two kids all snuggly and warm inside is so cozy! We've been lucky not to have any snow this season at all - yet. It is weird weather everywhere, but ours has been GOOD! I'm sure I've just jinxed it.

  3. Snow makes everything bright and sparkly and clean. Brace for the mud!
    Snowball fights, I used to be a champ at building forts and decorating. Don't they have degrees in that at university now? You all look happy, despite the fight freak-out, and snuggly toasty warm indoors. And you need REST!!

  4. Lovely to see you all out and about enjoying the snow. Its doing it here today and I'm not at all excited! x

  5. We're having crazy weather, too. I'm glad you all had some fun with the snow and didn't try to drive around.
    You look so cute with no makeup. It's not even fair.

  6. So great to see the kids enjoy all that snow. That's an everyday for us here, but's kinda weird to see it snow in Texas!!!
    Here's to better weather for all of us.

  7. no snow, too far south. Rain and a wadding pond for a driveway. Lots of fog this morning. Three weeks till Spring

  8. Wow, that is a lot of snow! I wouldn't have expected it in the southern US. But I guess that's like thinking that all Canadians live in igloos. I must say that it certainly feels like I do these days though. I'm not nearly as enchanted with the winter weather as you are. Maybe I should try a snowball fight. Wonder what my elderly neighbour's would think about that!

  9. SNOW! Gosh I miss it so much!!!!! So fun to see kids' first snowfall or beach or whatever. One of the best things about parenting.

  10. I love a family snow day! we haven't had much this winter, never mind, I get to see your babies having fun in it - that's one massive weather jump though - no dinosaurs round here, just one massive rabbit x x x

  11. WOW even you guys got snow!! Thankful we are all in this snowy winter together haha We just got like a foot of snow today :(

  12. I wish we got some snow in Florida! This looks like so much fun. I love your necklace btw


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