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Monday, February 23, 2015

c'mon baby, give me bacon.

Gotta get the bread and milk. Gotta get the bread and milk!! They said snow! I GOTTA GET THE BREAD AND MILK!!
 (see bottom of post for reference)
Yeah, so it's cold and sleeting here. Little bouncy pellets of ice falling like rain, sounding so nice... making me all sleepy and stuff.
This photo was taken last night by my husband as he was standing outside under an umbrella looking in. I made him do it.
Ignore the mess around me.
No. Look at it! Take it all in!
The white stuff you see at the bottom is rain by the way. Not the result of a broken vacuum.
(The vacuum's not broken. I'm just to lazy to empty it.)
So, last night we all had dinner at a new friend's house. She's got this boho thing going on that's super groovy. She thrift shops for ethnic clothing and wears kurtis to church with chopsticks in her hair. We're probably the only two people in Texarkana who give a hoot about ethnic clothing and accessories. She's neato. You probably can't see that she's wearing a Native American choker and Peruvian earrings... with a Monopoly shirt. Cool.
Since I'm such I great guest, I made this cake for our dessert.
Lemme rephrase that.
I made it... the grocery store to buy it for us to have for dessert.

She has turtles!

 And I just had to share this. This is what Cedar wore to church yesterday morning. Being $8 at a consignment shop, I think this is the most "expensive" dress I've ever bought for her. I just HAD to get it, guys. Surely you see why.
So it's 29F and sleeting and the whole darn city has shut down. Even schools and colleges have cancelled classes. I'm serious. Why? Because our poor town just isn't equipped for winter weather. The ice just builds up on everything and turns the whole dang town into and giant jacked up ice rink. I can't even get down the three steps of my home without slipping and busting my buns.
The last time we had a storm like was in 1999 or 2000. We all thought, "Meh, ice. No biggie," but overnight the entire region iced over. It killed power in some towns for almost a week. It brought trees down onto houses and roads and caused mucho destruction. So yeah, everyone's still a little gun shy after that one.
You Northerners might call this daily life.
For us, it's the friggin' apocalypse.


  1. I wish I was there to hang with you and your cool friend. And eat that cake. Cedar's dress is the best---you two are little dress twins. Obvi u needed to buy it!

  2. Looks like fun.. and that cake looks delish!!

  3. LOL...I like how you made it to the grocery store to buy the cake!

    You people wouldn't last 10 seconds here. Currently -30 C with about 2 feet of snow. We're not all running around screaming about bread and milk! LOL Be careful for the ice though, that is a bone breaker.

    Stay safe and warm...inside! I hope you don't have electrical problems.

    PS love your matching outfits! Too cute.


  4. Hahaha...that bread and milk vid....I die! :D And I love how you and your friend dress:)

    PS Little Cedar is getting cuter and cuter by the minute!

  5. Your daughter is so pretty that her face doesn't even look real haha I love love her dress!

  6. You look nice and bundled. Dinner with a new friend is so much fun. OMG, Cedar is darn cute! She looks like such a ham! :-)

  7. Yikes, such crazy weather - everywhere except here. I hope it won't be too bad where you are, but I bet you got the bread and milk when you picked up the cake.

    Cedar is adorable! She's smiling already? Seems like she was just born yesterday.

  8. You're twinsies with Cedar. Cutest ever!
    I'm so glad you have a cool pal to hang out with and eat store-bought cake with. She looks like a fun-loving free spirit. What's the green icing thing on the cake? I bet it taste good anyway.
    Ice, snow... That sucks! At least you're stocked up with BREAD AND MILK!! Hilarious video.

  9. You and Cedar are the cutest twinsies!
    I'll bet that you and your friend are the coolest chicks for miles around.
    Stay safe and warm.

  10. it would have been rude to leave that dress at the shop.

    Rain, rain and more rain here. We haven't had snow since 1995! (or sometime around then). Ice is the worst!. Stay safe.

  11. Yay! How cool to have a like-minded friend to share cake and a love of ethnic tat with! She looks like fun and she has turtles!
    You look fab despite the weather - it seems weird you being cold, you're usually dying of heat there, aren't you? xxx

  12. You look adorable in the first pic. And going to the grocery store is a valid form of baking. How cute that you found a look-a-like dress for Cedar.

    Hope the weather is easing up on you soon. Have a nice week :)

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  13. The twin-dress is adorable. Yay, cake and turtles!

  14. Ha! the bread and milk video! if we get snow (we tend to get centimetres) same thing happens - Little Cedar is adorable in her matching Mama dress, look at her cute pose! so cool you have a like minded fab friend, good food, company and cake, my favourite things.....and vodka x x x

  15. Your new friend sounds great! Good for you guys for finding one another.

    Cedar sure is a cutie. I love the dress.

  16. I love your colorful outfits! <3 The matching dresses are too cute, too!

    - Anna

  17. Now I do recall you wishing for a bit of snow just the other day...careful now. Here in Chicago the scene hasn't changed for months. Snow and ice on the ground and still way below freezing every day and night. Meanwhile you and yours are dressing as colorful as ever. Luv you and Cedar's matching outfits.

  18. Matching dresses!!!!!! I never ever did that but I so wanted to. Though sometimes my husband and I dress alike ;-) Such a cute little doll!!!!!!


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