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Sunday, February 1, 2015

I stepped on an eyeball.

 This week has been - hm, I don't have a word for it. I guess I'll make up one. This week has been: smiddledong. 
I've been battling manic highs and lows caused by non other than the good old reliable surge of hormones that strikes me every month (unless I'm pregnant). My patience is paper thin but my drive to get things done is incredibly high so when I start on a project and get interrupted by anything... I see red.  Being an event planner, a wife and a mom of two kids under two, there are A LOT of interruptions. 

  I've been spending hours and hours networking and schmoozing, trying to build an audience for this whole mom blog thing. It's paying off but I still haven't found my people you know what I mean? Just a bunch of Starbucks-loving soccer moms in designer jeans, trendy chevron print blouses and infinity scarves. Really though, I'm ok with that for right now but I better find some offbeat and truly groovy moms soon or I'm going to shut this whole operation down.
Nah, that's a lie.
Thar's gold in them thar hills and I ain't quittin 'til I find me some!!
 The thing keeping me motivated the most is blogger earning reports. Professional bloggers sometime share exactly where their money comes from and how. It's seems I'm on the right path- I just need to keep networking, promoting and give it some time.
Meh, I'm looking for overnight success. Heck. Who isn't?
I wanna be a rich and famous blogger!!
HA!! No.
I just wanna be able to buy name-brand breakfast cereal and not feel bad for "splurging".


  1. Hollie! You are so amazing. I know the cool moms will find you. Too bad my kiddos are all growed up. When they were in school I was looking for someone smart and fun like you. The Black History cards are brilliant.

  2. All good things come to those who wait and other such things :)

  3. Get it!!!! It's going to happen! Loving the stripes and boots!

  4. I'm running form the cropped pant, helmet hair crowd. ie, women my age! Flash those leggings!

  5. When you find the magic secret let me in on it!

    Sometimes the fancy unique smart ones are less of a draw. Don't ask me why. People seem to love boring dull and vapid.

    Hopefully you'll break through though. You've got the spunk.


  6. Who's telling how to make money blogging? I need to know. Oh, I probably already know the drill - create your "brand" with perfect photos, offer advice and tips in lists (ten ways to repurpose dirty diapers!), mention a lot of products, be relentlessly positive and make people smile. Well, you make me smile every time I read your blog. And I bet you'll eventually reach the moms with a quirkier sense of humor - maybe they're moms who go to renaissance faires, too.

  7. Smiddledong! that's the word! I see red even now when I'm interrupted, but smiddledong is better than me muttering profanity, so I'm gonna use it from now on! it's Mum secret code - and you are my kind of woman, always! you will get what you want, you are clever, funny and you work hard, that trio is always successful x x

  8. Ain't nothin' wrong with some Starbucks!

  9. Don't worry, Hollie. Everyone will find you without you having to repurpose dirty diapers. You need to run that sluicer harder, eat more rock, dig deeper to the bedrock. (Too many Yukon Gold shows) You have great tips, have an awesome sense of humour, and you're smart. It'll happen.


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