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Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball with a steamy twist

How do these post always start off? Ok, here goes:
Last night me and my crew hosted - insert event here:
A Mardi Gras Masqerade Ball with a steampunk theme.
It was so much - insert adjective here:
The attendance was - insert disappointing number here:
about 20. 
I have no idea where everyone was last night. Many of our event usuals and local steampunk enthusiasts were missing. Most of the people who bought tickets in advance and contest winners didn't even show up.
My best guess is because:
 1. There was a Mardi Gras parade earlier that day so people were probably pooped from that.
2. We hosted the event at a new and rather unfamiliar location.
3. Mardi Gras is still pretty new to our town.
4. Mari Gras + Steampunk = mind boggling concept to the average person.
So really, it turned out to be like a little mixer with a little dancing.
Ugh, I've thrown spontaneous HOUSE parties where more than 20 people came.
As usual I didn't buy anything for this costume except for the green top hat I revamped.
**Check out my post about making it HERE!!**
Thrifted blouse
Bodice, worn inside out, made by a friend last year, last seen here:
Green overskirt- $5 find from Etsy a couple years ago + purple silk sari skirt tucked and pinned, last seen here:
The makeup and da face.


The husband!
 Bustin' a move!

Drinking my first Hurricane after a loooong night of socializing and goofery.
 (The Hurricane is kind of the official mixed drink of Mardi Gras)
So yeah, that's it.
Time to go blog stalk! So you all next week!!


  1. Love! looks like a lot of fun. Mardi Gras colors look good on you. You make me want to move to your small little town. Love your creative spirit!

  2. You look gorgeous!!! Everyone does! Fantastic job with your costume. People probably were tired after the parade. I wish we lived in the same town so I could go to all the parties you throw!

  3. Ahhhh so fun and unique! Loving all these dresses and your makeup

  4. it looked like fun. I do love your cheap ass costumes. Shows that you don't need to spend $$$ to get a look for a theme party.

  5. You look great, as does everyone. Such excellent costumes. I'm sorry you had such a lack-lustre turn out. It's really a drag when you go to so much trouble to put on a fun event for people. We used to organize music events regularly but eventually gave up because it was so hard to get people out. Regardless, it looks like those who did attend your party were having a good time.

  6. How frustrating to put time and effort into planning an event for the turnout to be so low. It looks like those who did turn up were having fun though.

  7. You all look great! I wish I lived closer - partying with you sounds like the best way to spend an evening.

  8. Your hat is awesome and I love your eye makeup! ^_^

    - Anna

  9. This looks like such a lot of fun! I would love to do something like this one day.

  10. That looks like so much fun! How can anyone pass that up especially with prepaid tickets! You are so creative. Why don't you start your own business as a party planner? You're awesome. ;-)

  11. Wonderful color theme for your party! I can see that everyone had a good time! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. That looks like too much fun. Love the outfits and make-up :)

  13. Sounds and looks like it was a fun party, regardless of how many guests showed up :) Your makeup was gorgeoous....and THAT HAT! Great job on vamping that up....very cute and festive! I may have to try something like that to celebrate this year...instead of buying one!

  14. Seriously, how fun! And I love your make-up for the party!

  15. Well people missed out, it's a shame because it looked like a blast! I'd have partied all the way and shimmied with you gorgeous ladies, the costumes were fabulous! x x x

  16. How fun! Your makeup looked great!

  17. It looked like such a fun time and I lurve a good king cake! Much a bummer your attendance was low. :(

  18. Your costume and makeup are amazing! And it looks like everyone had fun despite the low turnout. I know what a drag it is to put so much effort into something and then not achieve the numbers you were expecting.


  19. You and your costume were amazing and it looks like those who made a effort had a fabulous time. Keep at it, you'll get there in the end. xxx

  20. How fun is this?! I love your keep your bosoms in your bodice sign. It's always disappointing when your turn out is much less than expected but it looks like everyone had fun. Love your outfit BTW

  21. This is seriously SO fun! You look great!!! What a fun costume to wear and who doesn't love a steampunk twist??

    The Nerdy Fox

  22. Your costume is amazing! Sometimes little gatherings are the best. Glad you had fun.

  23. Aw, this party looks like such fun! Great costume!


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