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Saturday, February 14, 2015

you know what?

I wrote a Valentines Day post over at my other blawg.
Go check it out.
Mmk. Bye.

Old pic. Being lazy. Haven't left the house in a week. I smell bad.


  1. Love it and too cute! Yep, that is true love there when we begin to talk about pee :) I will check out your other blog too!!

  2. Spray yourself with Febreze and you'll be just fine. Heh.

  3. Chin up, your blog ain't scratch and sniff, we'd never know! xxx

  4. A haiku comment
    To say that your other blog
    Is next on my list

    (fourteen words plus four)

  5. haha. You just caused me to have a good think about when I last went outside ... I went out for the first time in almost a week yesterday, bcause its been so friggin' cold out here these days that your face freezes in about a minute of exposure. Makes me think of buying one of those balaclava hats the cover your whole face except for eyes and mouth. It would be a great look!

  6. You look too cute in your outfit! <3

    Love always,

  7. Best Valentine's message ever! I'm gonna remember that for next year - a wet wipe and a spray and you're good to go or Melanie's idea is genius, it's what Febreeze was invented for x x x


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