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Sunday, March 8, 2015

flirting with penguins

After a few days of spring-like weather, Texas said, "Naw, Ya'll. I ain't done with this winter business." It snowed again (Monday I think it was) and once again the whole dang city shut down. Well, I say it like it's a bad thing. If I want donuts I just send the husband to get them. I don't go anywhere. Me no have no car...
WOO!! Thank God for tax returns and lots and lots of patience!
That means I can re-open my Etsy store now that I can get to the post office!
And thank God for fresh eggs, right? Eggs so fresh they still got the chicken poo on 'em. YUM!
My husband met a dude that sells large batches of poo eggs for half the price of the grocery store. Since I'm going low carb these days I'm going through some muthah flippin' eggs like crazy.
Since I don't get gussied up to work on blogging stuff at home and since we kinda sotra forgot about daylight savings time, we missed church so I've got no outfit to feature.  I did, however, go to my nephew's fifth birthday party yesterday but I wasn't feeling very photogenic - probably because there was nothing to eat at the party and I was staaaarving- so I just took pics of other folks.
Someone took a pic of me tho.
So the whole pro-blogging thing is working out ok. It's VERY time consuming though. I spend about ten hours a day networking and promoting- but hey, it's SO worth it! I've made $70 whole dollars in three months! At this rate, I'm sure retirement is right around the corner. 
I'm not even blogging about my kids like I first intended. Turns out that wasn't really as fun and exciting as I thought it would be. Is that an awful thing to say? I did a couple posts about saving money and being frugal and all that jazz and it turns out I like writing about money a little more than... my kids. Sheesh that DOES sound bad!!! 
Sorry Cedar and River. Mommy loves you...  she's just not very good at writing about you...
Speaking of, here's my little butter boo, 6 months and trying to crawl already!

Well that's all for now. Time to go get caught up on reading your blaaaaawgs.


  1. You always crack me up : P

    I'll be right behind you getting all ready for retirement with my blog earnings. That'd be enough for a Happy Meal once a day for 2 months. That'll do me though right? I mean I obviously won't be retiring until I'm like...90...five. LOL And I'll be sleeping in a cardboard box. But that is a given. I've seen cats do it and they look all kinds of happy and cozy.


  2. I noticed the shift in subject and will keep watching as blog 2 evolves. We never know where life is going to take us.

  3. Hooray for getting your car fixed! and hopefully, these storms are over, I'm ready for spring!

  4. You are hilarious, I love you! x

  5. $70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh my, look at her! So precious and determined. 'Grats on the $70. Here if you want farm fresh eggs, they cost you a small ransome. They must be delish.

  7. I've often wondered if there was any money in blogging, I'm sure some rake it in but how do they do it? I always read your posts on both blogs, I love the wide range of posts you do. I'm looking wistfully at that snow! Xx

  8. Just because you're a parent surely don't mean that has to be all you blog about haha. There are some blogs I read that are about food, travel, etc and I find out months down the line the people even have kids! This is your space, not your kids'... so do what you want with it!

  9. Poo fresh eggs are the best! and I hardly ever mention my kids in my blog, the cats though, they get alllllll the attention on it! I need my own space, I love my kids but I have to have my time, Mama work is 24/7 x x x

  10. I read this post like 2 weeks ago but I didn't reply. U had me thinking about "pro blogging" and trying harder to make money from this hobby of mine! It is really time consuming so ya mine as well make some coin from it! If u have any tips let me know!
    Girlll I wish I could get some fresh eggs! I'm always buying eggs!

  11. With that sort of income I thought you'd maybe forget about us little people ;)


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