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Sunday, September 4, 2016

my lips are on fire

Here's me modeling some freebie pants from Soul Flower. In case you've been living under a rock or just don't pay attention to me, I write an article for them every other month. They give me organic hippie swag and I give them my magic words. This month I had to recycle another post form Quirky Bohemian Mama because I was just so strapped for time. I revamped my "30 Ways to Make Your Life Less Boring" post and it should be up over at Soul Flower after Labor Day.

Heck, it might be up now. I haven't checked yet.

FYI: I'm entering my third month of the whole diet and exercise thing and I've only lost 13 out 100 lbs but hey, it's better than gaining 13 lbs right? I'm not freaking out trying to look like Beyonce or anything like that. I'm mostly just after smaller boobs and no diabetes. 

I'd really like some chili-cheese fries right now.

Aw, man I look cool, don't I?
I don't STOP for anyone.
I YIELD, baby. I yield.


Yesterday I hosted Cedar's first birthday party. She'll be 2 on the 6th but she did't get a party last year so yeah, her first birthday party... for her 2nd birthday. Here are a few photos and you can get more details about it over at my other blawg

See you all laterz!


  1. Oh my gosh. I'm dying over Cedar's outfit! and her face in that last photo! Priceless!!!


  2. What a cute outfit! You look fabulous!

  3. Aaaaaaw...happy birthday, Cedar:) She looks stylin in that outfit like her mama. Hollie, I'm really digging pants. And 13 lbs is still something to celebrate, girl!

    And yeah...totally understand why you would skip your comic con over there. A birthday celebration is definitely way better than paying to get in to a con and then having to hand out flyers!

  4. U look great and Cedar is adorable!!!!!!

  5. Love the outfit and Cedar's smile is too precious!

  6. Looking good in those pants, Hollie! Love that saying - I don't stop; I yield. I may need to use it. Hahaha. And adorable little Cedar. Happy Birthday to her!

  7. Damn, what a cute little birthday girl! I love her smile and excitement over the candles and pie. I'm a little worried about the bowling ball in the background though - way to bruise some toes!

    Coooooool pants - I love them! I want me some loose drapey pants. And your poses are divine!

  8. Happy birthday Cedar!
    Love the yield picture xx

  9. Happy Birthday, Cedar! She looks so cute in her outfit. Talking of which, so do you! well done on the weight loss. I shan't mention

  10. keep it up, go for the long term. I love my Soul Flower purse, which is made out of recycled cement bags.

  11. I love the outfit and awesome on you with the detox, keep going lady. 13 lbs is actually excellent progress! It takes forever to lose weight >:{ especially on the scale, but fat loss is more noticeable. I've lost like 3lbs into my current detox like a month in? Working out like crazy. grrrr

  12. You guys are cutie pies, I tell ya, cutie pies. Just keep on Yielding, girl, except to temptation, maybe. Way to go, 13#!


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