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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

yes way no way

Oh, my goodness!!
Look at what the cat coughed up.

It's me!
Where have I been?
Riiiight here.Yup. Right here inside your PC and/or mobile device eatin' up all your wires and stuff.

These photos are from Sunday after Church. 
Anyone else run to the fridge to grab a beer right after church or is that just me?
For real though, I had a terrible lingering hunger headache after I ate and sometimes beer just does the trick.

I would have still drank the beer sans headache tho. Ain't no shame in my game.

Shawl thingy - Ross Dress for Less $5.99
(Had to sew it together down both sides because  most of the stitching was completely gone and it was being held together on one side with three loose stitches.

Sari Magic Wrap Skirt - one of 6 from a wholesale lot.

Camisole - Old faded worn out $1 Walmart find.

So what did you guyz miss while I was lost in cyberspace?

River started Pre-K.
Yeah, his face says it all.  This was taken the morning of the first day. I don't think he's ever had to wake up at 6AM before and I'm sure the last time I had to wake up that early was to get to my scheduled C-section appointment to deliver Cedar.
So, yeah. We've been pretty tired.

Aaaand Cedar turned 3!

So what have you guys been up to?
Well I guess I'll find out soon when I go blaaaaawg reading.
See you laterz!


  1. River's face!!!!!! Cedar is gorgeous as ever! Love the long shawl---worth stitching up!!! Beer after church seems legit!!!!

  2. Cedar's three? Where did the time go?
    River's sleepy face is just brilliant.
    You look fantastic, botched -up shawl and all. Cheers! xxx

  3. Great to hear from you again, Hollie! I hope you guys are all ok over there. That pic of River=priceless:) And a beer after church is totes ok:D
    PS That wrap skirt...want!

  4. What a pretty outfit. I love the colors. You dress as brightly as your personality!

  5. Ha ha! River's face. That is me when I have to get up early.

    Love that you have no shame in your game ; P


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