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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

fresh air and crunchy stuff

I proposed that we go camping for Thanksgiving.
I regret nothing.
I regret some things.

I regret a lot.


My husband and I alternate holidays with each other's families. This year was the year to spend with his parents. Since many family members couldn't make it from up North, I proposed the idea of camping instead so we wouldn't spend the holiday sitting around sulking because all the fun people are missing.

The husband's parents are hardcore campers and my husband loves camping, I've only camped once and the kid's have never camped before so everyone was on board.

The park was already dull brown and dry - we were too late to see the fantastic Arkansas mountain foliage. Curses! 
But with it being Thanksgiving weekend, the park was super quiet with only a handful of other campers. We had plenty of space to roam about undisturbed. It felt like the park belonged to us. 

We set up across a path from the in-laws who were set up right at the top of a hill that overlooked a crystal clear river. The river looked so dang clean and inviting, I wanted to splash around in it but that wouldn't have been a very wise idea as the water was probably at about 40F. Still, the urge was SO dang hard to resist! No mosquitoes, no snakes, no weird swimming creatures. Just a clean stream of cloud juice.

So the regrets?

The boredom.
The soul crushing boredom.
Not just boredom.

Holy smokes. I had no one to talk to and oftentimes nothing to do. I explored, took photos and walked about and enjoyed a little alone time but when I was ready to talk, maybe do a little bonding with the in-laws, no one was interested in jack squat I had to say.

"Do you have something else to do besides talk to me? Oh, you wanna stare at the river in silence for a few more hours. Sorry, for disturbing you."

I was more baffled than hurt that no one wanted to talk to me. My kids had plenty to do rolling around in leaves and throwing rocks into the river so they were good to go. My husband, brother in-law and father-in-law kept to themselves talking theology and man stuff.... My mother-in-law just simply wasn't interested in talking to me. No rudeness about it. No tension. Just not interested.

I shrugged it off and tried to keep myself company but the books I brought were awful and there was no phone service and of course no wifi. So I began to mosey about feeling kind of sorry for myself.

3 days and two nights in the wilderness with no one to talk to is pretty dang tough.

But anyways. I survived. 
I'm still here.


Sheesh, it took me ages to finish this post. Uuuuggghhh.
I've picked up a new client, looking for more clients and it's time to start cranking out Christmas posts for the other blog.
Christmas posts = $$$$
$$$$ = Bills paid.
Bills paid = electricity, phone, a home, a car, etc...
You get it.

See you folks laaaaaaaaater.


  1. The pics look gorgeous, but I get it about being lonely. Nice to have a chat while you're hanging out!!!

  2. That's so funny. I quite like walking or being alone in nature. Mind you, I live a quiet life in general so I'm used to the quite.

    Lovely photos and a lovely spot.


  3. I'm sorry, sweetie. Time spent in nature should be fun. I'd have made a special trip out there just to talk to you.

  4. hahah We "glamped" a couple of Thanksgivings ago. I had the advantage of a trailer but since the Mr. didn't replenish the propane we ran out and I FROZE while he traipsed around "hunting."
    I'm with you - the kids and Mr. love it, me Not So Much.

  5. Kudos to you, Hollie, for even suggesting this. I'm not a camper myself, so there's no way I would've done something like this. So sorry to hear about the loneliness part though:( As a born loner and introvert, this actually would've have been heavenly for me, but I can totally understand where the boredom would come from. That's why I don't like wifi!!!!
    Awesome pics though. It really did look like the kids had fun:)

    1. Hollie, just wanna say thank you for that link to the DIY plaid coat-to-dress! That was so cool!
      Anyhoo, hope ur having a lovely morning:)

  6. I hate camping! Love nature, hate camping. My idea of a nature adventure? Spending the day hiking and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, going back to a nice hotel room, taking a freaking HOT shower, then sleeping in a BED, not in a sleeping bad on the ground. Oh, and a indoor toilet!

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