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Thursday, January 4, 2018

dear 2017, you sucked

I started this post a  last week and I had to take a break from it because it depressing the heck out of me to write it. But I've recovered and here I am.

2017 has been probably the worst year of my life so far and I pray I never find myself stuck in another year like this again. If it's not the worst, then it's definitely at close to the top of my "Hollie's Top 5 Worst Years Ever" list that doesn't exist.

I don't want to go into much detail but I will say that this year has been filled with crippling stress and anxiety, money trouble, martial problems, weird religious situations you guys couldn't possibly relate to, loneliness, depression and a whole bunch of other negative adjectives.

I think STRESS has been the leading lady this year for sure more than any other emotion. She's been a real shining star (sarcasm). I have reached stress levels that have gotten to points of chest pains, hands tingling, eye twitching, left arm going numb, sleeplessness, rage, sweating, excessive drinking and more.

Nothing has worked out the way I wanted this year. I understand that things happen for a reason and that's the only thing keeping me afloat, but for the love of all things holy and something PLEASE work out in my favor?!?!

Almost every bad thing that has happened this year has been because of someone else's shitty decisions. I NEVER play the victim and I always take responsibility for myself no matter what others have done but a lot of what has happened year and the years before that wasn't even my fault and I can't take responsibility. I can only try to fix things (and I do all day every day) but if the other people involved aren't willing to make a change then... what can I do?

Good news though: The manager of the mall did have to go ahead and lease the storefront, BUT the shop is temporary and that he'll be willing to work with me somehow so that I can open up shop in March. That gives me more time to try to get a loan, my stock, fixtures, etc. If the store in the mall doesn't work out, I will still open a store.... just somewhere else. Not a problem at all. I'm only after the mall so hard because it has reliable and predictable traffic and low fees.


I announced a while back on social media that I will be releasing a comic strip this year (mostly for my other blog) and I've been keeping it a secret that I'm working on a book... er three books actually. I've been keeping the books on hush hush because I'm kind of embarrassed to let people know that I have an extraordinary amount of time on my hands because I have no car and no friends. Plus, I can multi-task like a muthah.

Right now, I'm writing this post, promoting my blog in various Facebook groups, managing a client's Instagram on on my phone, keeping my kids from killing each other and I also drew a comic strip during a 30 minute break I took from this post. There are 24 hours in every day and when you don't have a a life outside of your home... you learn how to occupy that time.

So on the plate for 2018: Release a comic strip twice a month, a blog post on Quirky Bohemian Mama twice a month, get more clients for my social media management service, open a flea market booth to get rid of all the junk we've accumulated and inherited over the past 8 years (husband's going to take care of that mostly), lose 100lbs, finish writing one of my books and open my store and document it all for our vlog on YouTube (last priority). Of course when I open the store, I'll let go of some of that stuff.

If you read all of this and you made it this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read it.
If you skipped over some parts, heck I don't blame you at all! No one likes a party pooper! I just needed to get that mess out.

Pray for me, wish me well but don't worry about me. I'm a fighter and I'm painfully optimistic. My glass is always half full of wine so I will survive!

I hope you all (as well as myself) have the best freaking year ever! I think we all deserve it.

Quirky Bohemian Mama Comic Strip


  1. Oh Hollie ((((BIG HUGS)))). You're always so honest and so open in these posts and I really admire that. I truly hope that 2018 will be the year that things turn around. You know what they say...whatever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. You're one tough chick...everything will work out in the end.
    Good luck in all your endeavours:)

  2. Good on you, Hollie. Shit happens, plans are scuppered due to forces out of control and people make life hell and we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start again - every day is a new opportunity.
    Most people would be happy just to accomplish just one of your aims and I have no doubt that you can do it.
    You are a star. xxx

  3. Compared to yours, my year, which wasn't all that brilliant, was a walk in the park. Good on you that you don't let all the sh*t take over and are still making plans. I know a lot of people would have gone under. Sending you some good Karma from Belgium! xxx

  4. Gah, this sounds awful. I know so many people that have had a shitty year, 2017 really did suck! Good luck with everything - that's a hefty to-do list you've got going on.

  5. From the sounds of it things can only get better right? Weeks like that are tough but a whole year is very stressful.

    I was already keen on your comic strip and I loved this one. Your humour is brilliant and I'm glad you'll have another outlet for it. I think it could do really well for you.

    Wishing you nothing but good vibes this year.


  6. It wasn't a good year for me either, something about mercury being in retrograde, who knows?
    Two young children make it tough on a marriage, be sure to make time for your hubby - just the two of you.
    Why go bricks and mortar with your store? That seems a tough go when specialty stores are closing and going online.

  7. Girl, you are fucking amazing. I love the YouTube vlog idea! 2017 really handed it to me, too. You got this!

  8. Holly, this is your year. How could it not be? I join Vix's comment - you are a star. Big hugs. Your comic is excellent!!

  9. I decided the reason our house didn't sell in 2014 was because I needed to stay here and help a student. Set backs can have a hidden reason

  10. Your blog is very nice,Thanks for sharing good blog.


  11. Your transparency in Sharing your Life and Keeping it 100% Real is refreshing, it is difficult to be vulnerable enough to Share, I find that Blogging helps me to do that and just release it all... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It wasn't a very good year for us either and 2018 hasn't begun so swell, but we got this... and I feel you do too... that stress building up can be a killer so I'm glad you're being proactive!


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