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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh, hello there!

It's October and I'm back as promised!!
Not only am I back but I'm back with a few photos from the faire!
The faire was last weekend, September 26 & 27and in case you're new to this shindig - I'm the owner/director lady and most recently - Daniella Noir the Gypsy Queen!

This year the faire went smoothly enough that I was able to finally contribute to the entertainment. But because of the heat and many many layers of clothing I only danced about four times - but that's still four times more than I ever have in the past!
After getting myself a concussion last month I was unable to continue practicing Russian style gypsy dance. When I recovered from that I pulled something in my back that landed me in the ER (they did nothing to help). So after healing up from that - I had about a week to loosen up enough to wing it (yoga helped!).

At the faire I just tapped into memories of past dance experience, all my belly dance knowledge and all the YouTube videos of authentic gypsy dance I've ever seen.
 Below is my "Gypsy Court" well some of them - featuring beautiful dancers from Little Goddess Trybal belly dance troupe from Dallas and a few local volunteers who also dance, drum or act.
Under my pavilion my "throne" was made of a dining chair, pvc pipe, two folding TV trays, bed sheets, old saris and table cloths. The wind blew everything out of place during this shot but I think it still looks ok yeah?

This year, I wore no hoops, no crinoline, no corset, no girdle... I was all natural under there and I felt great!  I could move! The edges of the velvet ghawazee coat kept rolling in on itself (right under the ties) - I predicted it would happen and intended on sewing the front closed but darn it, the night before the faire, I was just too plumb exhausted to care about preventing wardrobe malfunctions. 

It wasn't until I saw the photos that I realized I was a perfect rainbow from top to bottom! 

Outfit details:
Headdress - handmade by me last year with added 99 cent scarf and $2 necklace from eBay,
Purple Tunic - my own
Blue velvet ghawazee coat - Tribal Bazaar
Green over skirt - Etsy $5
25 yard skirt - eBay bought with Swagbucks
White hip scarf, yarn belt, beaded belt - old
Most jewelry - dirt cheap eBay finds.

Trying my hand at sword balancing! It's tricky! I'd like to get my own sword and practice a bit.
And back where I belong! I love drumming soooo much. The man who taught me how to drum boasts that I am one of the best drummers in Texarkana (high praise indeed but there's only like four drummers in town.) I haven't got to drum in ages but when I picked up the drum everything all came back to me. It  was like riding a bicycle... a bicycle that will make your fingers swell so bad you won't be able to remove your rings that night but... a bicycle indeed! 
Stay tuned for more photos!!
I've still got tons to do to wrap up all this faire stuff so I probably wont have time to visit your blogs until next week. 
Until then, see you all laters!!!


  1. You look great! Why didn't you include a video so we can all see you dance?

  2. You were born to be a queen! I love the whole outfit and the parasol. I agree with Bobbi, you should have done a video. Oh, well, these pictures are fantastic, and would look great framed together in sequence. Glad to hear the faire went well, in spite of your injuries. Take care of yourself now, get some rest.

  3. A Bird of Paradise you are. Strutting your stuff, all a swaying and a fluttering. shoo-wee. Looking good.

  4. Hollie, you look so beautiful. You should dress like this all the time. I really mean it! To think that you pulled this all together with injuries and two little munchkins at home is pretty darn amazing. You ARE a Queen!!

  5. love your outfit, you do look like a swirling rainbow

  6. You looked fantastic! I love the colours. It's so neat that you danced ad drummed. Way to go!

  7. Oh wow! You look like a QUEEN! Which of course you are.


  8. Beautiful colors! You look amazing! <333

    - Anna


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