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Monday, October 19, 2015

We know what you did last night...

Hey nerds! Ya miss me?

Saturday me and the husband packed up the kiddos and skipped merrily to Texarkana's first food truck festival!! The flyers promised food, fun and fresh produce from local farmers!
There were four trucks there.
Let's me repeat that...
No one was there to even BUY food. There was a crap band on stage that blocked the entrance way, forcing folks to squeeze past their blaring speakers.
The band sounded like they were in the middle of just warming up... the whole set.

There was one bright star out there in the parking lot of big fat suck.
A new Thai-Indian food truck that recently came to town. I fear for them really.
Their food was CRAZY GOOD... but c'mon guys... this is Texarkana. I wish them the best of luck but this town just doesn't do "exotic" very well.

And by "exotic" I mean different.

At the fest, there were no tables or chairs. Nowhere to sit and eat - so we walked to a park and watched dozens of teens in their tiny "formals" and platformed heels posing for photos before a homecoming dance that night.

You guys should come to Texas and see this crap. Homecoming is serious business.

Don't know what a homecoming dance is?
Read about it HERE or just read my description below:

Well, it's like prom... but with football.
It's a celebration wrap-up of a high school's homecoming football game. Homecoming is just a celebration of the school, alumns and the team and students and stuff and all things school spirit.
A queen is crowned and all that jazz - it's a big deal.
Girls get their hair and nails done, their mom's buy them teeny tiny trashtastic dresses and the boys either rent a suit or wear their best jeans and cowboy boots (here). The dance couples spend more time having photos before than dance than they do at the actual dance (some even going so far as to hire pro photographers). The WHOLE FAMILY comes to watch the these pre-dance photo sessions and to see the little couple off as they cry and pray that their baby girl doesn't come home pregnant.


After our dinner and freakshow we went to top off our bellies at another bright star in Texarkana called Pacan Point. They have these duck fat french fries that just melt in your mouth. Since we are poor people, that's um... really all we can afford.


We all split a plate of fries, the husband and I had a beer each and then we finished the evening with some loverly grocery shopping and a little bit of arson.
The end!

In case you sexy beasts were wondering what else I've been up to - I recently launched a new website  (not blog) that took me about three months to develop, I'm still doing my other blog thing and going to medical school to become doctor.
Ok, that last part was a lie, but I am going back to school.
Alright, no I'm not going back to school but I am a genius.

I'm not a genius.
Shoo. Go away now.


  1. Actually I'm pretty sure you ARE a genius. The way you described the prom was perfect. I grew up in Montana. There are more than a few similarities. The trashy dresses and cowboy boots. Oh yeah. Then there's the part where everyone goes to dinner at Bob's BigBoy and gets drunk in the backseat of the car and barfs in the parking lot. Fun times. I love your new website. Wish I had still had little ones at home. No wait. No. I'm not doing that again.

  2. You're doing a good job of promoting the beauties of your lovely city! Well, the duck fat french fries sound good anyway. Your genius is wasted there, woman!

  3. Proms are a new thing to the UK, something that escaped my youth, thank god. Not my kind of thing at all. I've heard the word Homecoming but didn't have a clue what it meant. Common language but huge cultural differences between the US and GB..
    Adorable photos but what a crap food festival! xxx

  4. Ha ha! I've missed you lady! : )

    We don't have those homecoming things here in Canada. In America they always do everything "big".

    I got super excited to hear you were becoming a Dr. I thought, "Yay! someone to add some spark to the medical system and some joy into some sick people's lives." I figured you'd show up dressed in costume and maybe dance until you injured yourself.

    Must check out your other website now.


  5. Four trucks? And no chairs? They should have hired you to organize better.

    I've missed you. This is a fun post. Love the pics.

    1. Hey! I checked out your new website -- and now I want to have a child. Damn you!


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