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Saturday, December 26, 2015

But the prettiest sight to see is the Hollie that will be on your own front door.


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Here's my terrible attempt a taking Christmas portraits in a trailer park in 80 degree weather.

My sister in law threw a trailer trash themed Christmas party her her place.
It was my greatest costuming challenge yet.

Christmas Sunday at church.

I got River this $5 suit  it would make a great Christmas outfit. 
I put him in the shirt and regular black  slacks since the pants were kind of thin and not the best quality for a rowdy toddler.

Christmas Day -  we went to my mom and step-dad's house for lunch.

And then we went to my dad's for Christmas dinner.

And how cool is this?
My sister-in-law got me a Muse Fondue original for Christmas!
She didn't know I follow Val's blog but my best guess is she took a lookee loo at my Etsy wish list to see what to get me for Christmas. She chose the right thing, yeah???

So how was your Christmas?
Kill any snakes lately?


  1. Thanks for the holiday report. Glad you had fun. It's weird how warm it is everywhere.

  2. Ha! I LOVE that your sister-in-law picked up that piece from Val! How fun!

    The trailer trash theme is hilarious.

    Can I say just how much I love your super cool hair thing-a-ma-jig?


  3. You already know from instagram how much I <3 your pics but let me tell you, I think you need an award for best blog post title ever. :-D You always make me smile.

  4. Aaaaaw....a great recap, Hollie:) Looks like you all had a great Christmas. The kiddos are too too cute!

  5. No to the snake question. Thank God. And woohoo to the Muse Fondue prezzie!!!!! Thanks for mentioning it everywhere, too - are you on Instagram? Twitter? Tumblr? Reddit?

    I think your idea of trailer trash is way too good, although hubby seems to fit the part. I love your headpiece with the turquoise, and the photos of the kids! Kids are cute no matter what, so your pictures are fine.

  6. no snakes killed, but the weird heat wave is freaking me out. I am looking forward to the low, low, low non-heating bill.

  7. Great family photos, Hollie. And a gift made by Val? Too awesome! And two family meals, twice as good. Seems like a big Christmas success. Now let's bring on the new year!

  8. That party looked like wicked fun! You look great as a trashy biatch but I think I prefer the hippy beauty in the first photo. xxx

  9. I wish my family was as fun as yours. Hahaha. I loved the photos. :D Your kids are so adorable! Happy Holidays, Hollie! <3

    - Anna

  10. Love your outfits! Your family looks so happy and fun, love the photos :D


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