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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015: The year of the octopus mummy

I'm sitting here in a worn navy blue sundress, using a basket of clean laundry and a dirty pillow as a chair. My hair is in a top-knot any my flyaways have a personality of their own. They're mean and frequently use racial slurs. Outside, a group of martians are spending up left over New Years fireworks. It sounds like a war. Cannon fire. 
I'm tired and you're sexy.
Looking back at 2015 I realized that sometimes bears just don't wanna be hugged. They don't want to be touched at all. They just want to listen to Johnny Cash and eat grapefruits in peace just like everyone else.
Save the whales.

Here's a look at my 2015. Enjoy.

The introduction of beer and wine to the Texas half of the city I live in, Texarkana. It was a glorious day.

Me and my crew hosted a steampunk themed Mardi Gras ball.
It didn't go over well. Our attendance was about 10.
I'm really starting to hate this town.

My grandfather turned 90.

I spent my 30th birthday with my family at a new faire that our friends and supporters opened in Kilgore, TX. The faire suffered tremendously from excessive rainfall during one weekend, but I think the mud kind of added to the whole middle ages theme.

My husband and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary and I got myself a stellar tattoo.
Ok, I don't think it's that stellar any more. Looking back, I think I should have gotten it much bigger.  The ink has settled and it's starting to look kind of muddled. Oh, well.

Me and the crew hosted our second annual Pirate's Ball. Attendance was significantly higher that the last even but consisted mostly of people we already knew that came in from out of town and very few locals. It was fun but I'm just not that into pirates.

This was the month of homemade lavender absinthe. Look at it. Just look at it!

You see the swing set behind me? Yeah, I sat my fat butt on it one evening and snapped the top beam in twain. It came crashing down on my noggin and gave me a spectacular concussion. It took me a month to fully recover. In case you've never had one, a concussion feels like being slightly drunk... all the time.

Faire time! We had an ok faire. The gate count and  merchant number was about the same as last year but we didn't break even. Yeah, we didn't make all our money back on this one. Oh, well. The faire LOOKED significantly better this year and we had more cast, games and activities. Everyone seemed pretty happy but I still have an enormous hotel bill looming over my head.
What idiot pays for their entertainer's  food and hotel rooms? Me. I'm that idiot.
But I got to perform as Daneilla Noir the gypsy queen for the first time though! Unable to practice or choreograph anything thanks to the concussion I just improved and kept my routines quick and simple... it was also very hot.

Baby Jimi Hendrix. You're welcome.

Went to a friend's 50s themed wedding.

Christmas and stuff.

Aaaaand that brings us to now.
Ok, so. That's it.
How was your 2015?
Learn any new languages?


  1. Oh Hollie. If I lived closer to Texarkana I would attend all of your faires and parties and talk them up big time so that you would make the millions of dollars that you so obviously deserve. You are a genius and a beauty and a mama par extraordinaire. I have not learned any new languages but I did discover some pretty amazing belly dancing videos thanks to you. Happy 2016.

  2. You just have a way with words, Hollie:D Reading your posts just make my day. And OMG! Forgot about that concussion!

  3. What a busy year! And some fab photos too.

    My husband keeps trying to teach me a bit of Italian and German. It lasts all of 10 seconds before I forget it. I call it my concussion brain, even though I've never hit my head.


  4. What a fab year you had! These pics are great. I'm dying from the Jimi Hendrix costume.

  5. Good wrap up of your year! It was good to see Jimi Hendrix again ... as I've said before, you rule in the costume creation arena!

  6. Quite a year for you, and you must be the only ray of sunshine in Texarkana. Glad you recovered from your concussion - ouch! My favorite pics here are your handsome grandfather, lavender absinthe, Daniella and Jimi. Looking forward to seeing your adventures in 2016!

  7. no new languages. But I died my hair. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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