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Sunday, January 17, 2016


It's not even 4pm and I'm already thinking about beer.
Hang on - I'm going to go get one right now. 
Ok, I know you can't tell but I was gone for like 20 minutes. I had to give the kids a snack, ask my husband to take out the trash and change my pajama pants because they were damp for some odd reason. 

So here's what we wore to church today.
I'm sporting a handed down halter sun dress with handed down boots and my fake ponytail wrapped up into a bun.
River jumped in on my pics and posed so sweetly.
Amazing isn't it?
When you WANT to take pics of your kids, cooperation will never be found.
Try to get some pics of yourself and all of a sudden they're Pampers models.

I'm sure you've seen his adorable Chinese shirt already. It's a whole set but with the matching pants he looks like he's in a sweet pair of luxury pajamas and I don't wanna give off the impression that we're so rich that we let our son run about in brocade lounge-wear... you know, because the neighbor's trailer in background of my photos with the aluminum foil covering the window is a surefire sign that we are indeed sooooo bourgeois.

No that's not a baby bump you're seeing there.
That's fat.
Just plain old fat.... and a bad angle.
But mostly fat.

But hey, I am fulfilling my New Years resolution of losing 100lbs. Seventeen days in and I've lost five pounds already from simply putting down the dang fork and lying off the booze.
Yay me.

Time to go blog stalking. See ya soon.


  1. Oh my. River is starting to get into the act. I see a boho fashion family in the making.

  2. What a bunch of great photos you got here.

    The yellow and the flower in your hair are almost as bright and happy as the smile on your face.

    Good on ya with the diet. I've also started to try to watch my weight and so far I'm up 2 lbs.


  3. foil in the windows sends the radio waves back out.

  4. I am loving that yellow dress, Hollie:) And yeah...what's up with the kids always getting into our shots, but not when we actually want to take their pics?!? Cray cray!
    PS Yay for the 5 lbs.!

  5. I think that's the first time I've seen River smiling in your photos in a loooooong time. Maybe he's catching the style/blog/pose fever. You both look smashing, and the setting adds an element of don't-give-a-damn chic. Well done on the 5 pounds - you go, girl!

  6. Hahaha, re. River running around in brocade lounge-wear. He's a superb Pampers model. Haha. In truth, he is dazzling in this shirt. You both look fantastic in these photos, especially loving the fake hair bun. Cheering for you and moving toward your goal.


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