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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Try, try again!

Sooooooooo HOWDY!
I took a couple weeks off from here to you know... do things that didn't involve this blog.
Hiking in Laos, vegetarian mud wrestling, rodent taxidermy. You know - the usual.

Saturday me and the fam went to our town's second attempt at a food truck festival. Sigh. These people just don't get it but at least they're trying. Last time there were four vendors - this time there were about 15.

There was vegan (which is almost unheard of here), waaaaay too many barbecue vendors as usual, Indian/Thai fusion and authentic Mexican.
I started off with vegan tacos and the husband got pork tacos from a different truck.
At a different booth we got these three tacos below: chorizo, lengua (beef tongue) and cow's head.
Sounds gross but I like to try new things but feeling the texture of a cows tongue on my tongue kind grossed me out a bit. I'll eat just about anything but just because it's a tongue doesn't mean it has too look and feel like it. Grind the crap up!

The vegan tacos were fine -  I just wish the fried tofu was a seasoned with a little salt and lime or something... maybe a little shrimp? No... add some fish? Oh. Never mind.

A local high school band was out there to provide a little entertainment.

And here are my babies!

And yeah. Um, that's it.
So what'd you fine folks do this weekend?
Besides the festival I've been trying out just using cornstarch and baking soda in coconut oil as a natural deodorant. I'm not near as funky as I thought I'd be but dadgummit it's giving me a rash and my pits are on fire.

Time to go ice my pits, ya'll! See ya!


  1. I've never heard of that solution for deodorant. I need to try something, I hate the stuff I'm using.

    Vegetarian mud wrestling sounds rather exciting!

    No way in a million years would I be eating cow's tongue. Mind you, I'm pescetarian... so I don't eat meat anyhow but that or the brains really isn't my thing. I'd be all over those veggie tacos, or fish ones.

    Looks like it was still a fun weekend. Plus, you didn't get the snow we got today! No joke. It is the middle of April and for some reason Mother Nature is seriously pissed at us. Spring showed up over a month ago and then abandoned us, apparently for warmer digs.


  2. Cow tongue and tripe. Yeah, the Mexican restaurants around here are always trying to pass that off on the menus as "normal." Ha! Looks like a fun festival anyway. Your kids are tooooooo cute!

  3. Food trucks should serve something different than the stuff you can get everywhere. Good vegetarian food can be excellent. I once saw a tongue before it was cut up and... man, that was enough to turn me off. No thank you!

  4. Vegetarian mud wrestling sounds healthy - good for you! But then you go and ruin the vibe by eating tongue and head (which sounds dirty, but in a different way from mud wrestling). The kids are so cute, and I'm glad they're learning how to order tacos.

  5. As a life long vegetarian there's little around these parts I can eat, that's why I frequent Wetherspoons so often, loads of flesh free food for super cheap!!
    The kids are gorgeous and you look super cool in your Boho dress and Indian bling. xxx

  6. Hollie, I think it's so cool how you're always supportive of your local events, even if they're not as what's expected:D Now, go ice your pits.

  7. Your babies are getting so big! They're gorgeous!
    Tongue taco...ugh. The vegan ones look tasty, though.
    I love that you had a school band for music. They're so much fun. I live on a marching band practice route and it always makes me happy when they go by. Maybe I'm getting old...

  8. Rad. Totally craving tacos, right now. Haha. Beautiful dress!

    - Anna

  9. From four vendors to 15 in a year. Excellent!! I'm glad you gave them a second chance. I love what you wore. And the kids look so darn cute. Now I'm hungry!! I once had dried shredded cow brain for breakfast. I didn't know it at the time.

  10. It sounds like you had a great time! We have some great food trucks here too, love 'em! Your kiddos are so cute! That Cedar looks like a little starlet! So cute!!


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