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Monday, March 21, 2016

Jonquil Festival

Saturday me and family went to the Jonquil Festival in at the Historic Washington State Park in Washington, AR. Washington State Park is a little village town thingy that has been preserved and kind of frozen in time -  the 1800s.  I was under the impression the festival would be more like my renaissance faire but in the 1800s. Nah. Just a festival - corndogs and blow up toys kind of stuff. The festival was still pretty nice though - lots to do and see. There were a few ladies in hoop skirts and shawls giving tours of the historic buildings on site, but that required a $5 pass. I figured that money would be better spent on... you know... food.
I like food.
The collage of above has pics of merch from my favorite sellers. I totally bought a tie-dye onesie for Cedar from the groovy dude in the upper right corner.

This Native dude was luring people into his booth like the pied piper with his flute.

The scenery was very lovely with the blossoms and trees and super green grass from last week's excessive rain fall that caused flooding in much of the area.

Above I'm in the backyard of one the Purdom House.
Below we're romping in the yard of a restaurant that's been there since - you guess it - the 1800s. 

A cute little parade passed by as we were playing.


Caleb had a genuine leather work belt custom sized for him on site.

I got 2 jars of homemade jelly: plum and peach jalapeno

A mini handmade pecan pie (the official pie of Texas) for the kids. We don't do sweets much so the kids have never had pie before. 

Handmade Indian sandalwood soap samples

Tie-dyed onesie for Cedar

A handmade gourd birdhouse thing. It's big and weird! I love it!

Stringed brass bells made by my friends who had a booth at the festival. I already have two strands for home decor but I want another strand for my gypsy queen costume.

DIY kaftan turned jacket thingy. I cut the kaftan open last week and forgot to finish it off so as the husband was loading the car I used a few tiny dabs of hot glue to temporarily finish off the seams.

I did the hair wrap the night before myself. The dangly bits in the middle are from a broken bracelet and the cowry shell doodad is from my collection of costume making stuff. I have tons more!

Sunglasses - Romancing the Stone clearance
Necklaces - cheap eBay finds
Dress - handmedown

A better view

So how was your weekend?
What'd you do?


  1. Nothing as exciting as you. We packed the van, drove for hours, unpacked, sold clothes, packed the van and drove home.
    Love these fairs and how much you Americans appreciate history. Us lot are ambivalent about it all. You look fab, your purchases sound great. xxx

  2. My weekend wasn't nearly that exciting or colourful.

    I adore little weird fairs. You never know what colourful people you'll meet.

    Love how your hair wrap turned out.


  3. Looks like a fun day and a beautiful place! Sometimes those old-timey small-town things can be a lot of fun.

    My weekend? Oh, just driving hundreds of miles on a treasure hunt and getting our car stuck in the snow on a tiny road out in the middle of nowhere. You know, the usual.

  4. I think your life is a festival!!

  5. Aweosme photos! Looks like you had so much fun! I love your colourful hippiesque outfit! :)

    Bad Taste Toast - My Life and Style in Düsseldorf

  6. That looks like so much fun! I love shopping at and visiting craft fairs. I'm selling at a couple of them this month, can't wait. Been working every spare moment on my booth :O


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