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Monday, March 14, 2016

So the thing about prune juice is...

So the thing about prune juice is... it's never ok to drink three cups of it.
I just needed a little help you know? I thought, the more the better right?

I  left my husband a note to see this morning that said, "please check on me before you go to work." I was terrified I would shrivel up in the middle of the night.

Oh, is this too much information? Not a ladylike subject?
 Too bad. You knew what you were getting into when you came here.

The good news is I survived, lived to tell the tale and was able to edit this photos from Sunday.

PicMonkey has new features to play with!! 
Ahem, that's an affiliate link there. Sorry.
Not sorry.

So Cedar  wasn't much in the mood for photos.

It took about twenty tries to get a shot of her thrifted Dorothy shoes.

River's sporting a vest handmade by his Granny.
And his new obsession is this mini American flag.
Or "frwaaa" as he calls it.

What we're wearing:
Pretty much everything was thrifted, eBay'd, handed down or found stupid cheap on retail clearance.

So, um, How are you doing?
Staying regular?
Oh! that reminds me!
I wrote a post about the Squatty Potty over at my other blog. It's a fun read if you care about - you know... pooping and stuff.


  1. I have to take Colace every day, since now I'm anaemic from being pregnant. I like eating prunes, but I'm too scared to try prune juice!!

  2. But why would you? I haven't touched a prune since they used to serve them up for school dinners back in the 1970s. They taste foul!
    Great jewellery, stunner of a maxi, gorgeous family. xxx

  3. I adore prunes. I don't care who knows it! LOL When you eat them every day you don't have these kind of situations...arise. Ha ha!

    Glad you got through to the other side.

    Everyone is looking so spiffy. I adore that little vest.


  4. A subject that's near and dear to my heart. But let's talk about your adorable kids instead. They're so cute, even when they're fractious (easy for me to say). Love the red shoes! If only she wouldn't outgrow them.

  5. Best.Topic.Ever.

    PS Loving all the thrifted outfits, of course:) You are the queen of boho chicness!

  6. The thing about prune juice - it is magical~! hahaha 3 glasses, no way! I buy the stuff in the one shot smalls for ahem, you know, those types of situations.
    Digging on the bastard massive necklace you are sporting with that outfit.

  7. you? post something unladylike? Never

  8. Such a pretty dress. That is, however, a lot of fabric to have to hoist up under your armpits while you visit the potty. It's been a few days since this post. I hope you are okay. I once drank too much cranberry juice to try to treat a UTI and ended up in the ER. True story. It was embarrassing and expensive. Meanwhile your family is as adorable as ever. And......I ordered the most adorable elephant wind chime from your store. It is beautiful and has a sweet little chime when the wind blows and I just love it. Thank you. You are a bohemian fairy mama.


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