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Monday, March 7, 2016

was there an earthquake on your side of the room?

I said to the husband, "Here, let's hurry and get some pictures so we can change clothes and take the babies to the park." I handed him the camera.
Snap. Snap. Snap.
"Alright, that should be enough. Thanks, babe."

Out of about 15 photos, these were the best.
There will be no do-overs as these pics were taken yesterday.
Time to go find the dang tripod.


▲Blurry Outfit Under $15▲

New neon melon dress: Ross Dress for Less

Scarf (turned into vest) - eBay

Wet Spot Studded Boots - Handmedowns

New Sunglasses - Romancing the Stone clearance

The video below is so full of truth!


  1. Blurry outfits are the best. Thank God at least you didn't post all 15 of those images ... some gals do.
    I can only image the amount of grief I would get from Mr. VZ if I asked him to take some pictures.

  2. Best.Video.Ever. I am so tweeting that!

    PS Loving the melon-coloured dress, Hollie:)

  3. Hahahahahahahaha! The video killed me!


  4. love the color of that dress! Super cute LOL at the video!

  5. That video is funny!
    Looking gorgeous in orange and loving the scarf as a waistcoat, genius! xxx

  6. Love the neon with the scarf vest. Nicely done! That video is so funny cuz it's true!

  7. why I bought a tripod: The Doctor just doesn't get: point camera, press the shutter, crap photo, delete. The tripod was $20 on Amazon

  8. Great outfit in orange, especially with that scarf. Glad you ripped off a few pics before you went out. That video was hilarious!! I watched a few more too. Thanks for that.


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