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Monday, February 22, 2016

that time I bought some stuff and punched a priest in the face

Ok, well I didn't punch a priest but I did do a little shopping the other day. You know - alone, free to go wherever I want, do whatever I want and punch whomever I like.
I really want to punch someone.
Not out of anger, I just wanna know what it's like.

Well, I punched my sister many years ago for playing a prank on me. She was mean, I was sensitive and my young fragile mind couldn't take a joke.  I was aiming for her face and gave her a bop right in the boobies but sibling strikes don't count. 

So, I went to an indoor flea market I used to sell at and got some stuff. Since I used to have a booth there, I know what kind of goodies that place has. It's a dangerous place to shop if you're broke. The kind of place you go to and the wind up sitting in your car weeping because you couldn't stop yourself from spending your last $50 on an upright piano and sixteen vintage romance novels.

Got my husband this $1 tie.
Got this vintage German style serving tray for $8. That's more than I usually pay for home decor but shucks, I really wanted it. I looked it up online and it's going for $6-$40 so I got a pretty decent deal - or at least that's what I'll keep telling myself.

 In case you haven't noticed by now, I love global home decor - authentic and reproductions.  I love it all. Whenever I go to a flea market or chain thrift store I always look for stuff from around the world. Folks receive souvenirs from friends and family's vacations and they're like: 

"Oh, nice - a whatchadoodle from Asia. This will look great in my kitchen right next to the tiny sombrero and tiny bottle of rancid tequila you got me fifteen years ago from Mexico." 

...and then it ends up in my hands for next to nothing. Keep chunking your gifts away! I'll gladly take them!

I checked in on Romancing the Stone's closing sale and got these feather things BOGO-free. I think I remember seeing them online as Christmas tree ornaments along with the God's-eyes I got a couple weeks ago. So I added them to my little DIY wall hanging thing - whatever this is going on here. I don't like how it's turned out but I'm just too darn lazy to plug in my glue gun and do it right.

Too lazy to plug in a glue gun? Now, that's DANG lazy.

These sunglasses were BOGO-free too!! Two pair for $5.
So, that's all I've got to share for now.

Who would YOU like to punch in the face?
I would love to punch the fictional character April from the show Parks and Recreation.
I hate that character so much that I stopped watching the show.


  1. Oh my gosh. My house is full of all that international crap that people keep bringing me back from their fun trips that I didn't get to go on. But I can't get rid of any of it because they might come over and ask where that little vase or clock or ugly doll is and I wouldn't know what to say. Anyhoo...I have never punched anyone in the face but I did throw a grapefruit at my husband one time. He totally deserved it. Even though my list of potential face punch candidates is long, today I'd like to punch Ted Cruz. He has a very punchable face.

  2. haven't pinch anybody since grade school. That's when I beat up my next door neiborghor (long story). Nice haul.

  3. I love some global tat, too. I'd definitely have bought that tray and those insanely fabulous sunglasses, despite the fact it's usually pissing down.
    I don't think I've ever punched anyone but I did tip my new born baby brother out of his cot when he came home from hospital and kick him under the table and push him and his pram through a plate glass door. I was born without the mothering gene. xxx

  4. I punched someone in the face in grade 8. She started it though. Swear to God! They were bullies and I wasn't having any of that. B***** be hatin'.

    I can't wait to see you wearing those new sunglasses!


  5. Great finds! I love the feathers with the god's eyes.
    I don't remember punching anyone, but if I could, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would get one. He's such an asshole. And a certain big-mouthed presidential know who. And my ex. Actually, it's a long list. I must have issues.

  6. Love that plate thing! I love kitchy decor. And nerd decor. My house is going to be such a menageree. :P

    As for punching, I dearly love April from P&R, she was hilarious (and had a similar sense of humor to my own). And Sheldon is my favorite fictional person on television right now. But for punches in the face, I would have to say Sarah Baeumler. She's the wife of Bryan Baeumler, a TV home repair guy. He's got a couple shows, including one where he's rebuilding this amazing home for his family and she's on that. And she's the most whiney, most selfish person I've ever seen -- flighty and frivilous and constantly changing plans, constantly pouting and sulking and arguing. Oh my gosh, just makes me want to tear my hair out! I ended up having to leave the room when she comes on.

  7. Funny I'm reading this now after Mr. Trump just made another big stink for talking about wanting to punch a protester. And yes, Mr. Trump (who doesn't even deserve to be called Mr.) is the person I'd like to punch in the face - but I'm sure he'd punch back, the asshole.

    Sorry, I got sidetracked. You got a lot of fun crap there, but I most like the little shelf thing on your wall, probably from a previous shopping trip. It's all so fun and colorful and pretty, and the sunglasses are so you, darling!

  8. You got a lot of great stuff there, Hollie:) And I want to punch a lot of peeps in the face, including Mr.Trump mentioned in the comment above....

  9. I would opt to punch an old boss in the face. One of the few people I actually hate.
    Kudos for the attention getting post title!
    I can't leave behind the old Ty beanie babies if they still have their tags attached.

  10. Well, being 7 months pregnant and hormonal, the punching list keeps getting longer! But, as I don't want to birth my child while incarcerated, I will try to refrain.

  11. Your title caught me, you sneaky girl. You get good junk, alright. I don't want to punch anyone. I'm afraid it would hurt me too much.


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