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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

chocolate balloons

Last night I went on one of my mommy dates. Or mom's night out I guess you'll call it. Since we've been down to one car for almost a friggin year now I only get to leave the house to go grocery  shopping on Saturday (but I have to get the car back at a certain time so husband can run his errands too) and go to church on Sunday. I'm fine with being a homebody  but sometimes I don't get to go grocery shopping or sometimes I just plain don't wanna go to church.
You know what that means?
I won't leave the house until the next weekend.

And how sad is that? Groceries and church is going out for me. SAD ON A CRACKER!

We're getting the husband his own vehicle as soon as the tax return comes in. Yay! 

Like I mentioned before I don't mind hanging out at home, but I'd love to have the option to go when I wanna go. So because I can't do that - sometimes I'll snap as soon as husband gets home, rush to the bedroom to put on some clothes and make up, tell him to feed himself and have the kids in bed by 8pm.

There's nowhere for me to go though (it's Texarkana, folks) and I don't really have any friends to hang out with and I'm not one who likes to go get felt up in the dark at a honky tonk so I'll just go to the local chain book store and have some coffee or go to a store and look at all the crap I can't buy. I'll get myself a milkshake on the way home, take the scenic route and sing some angsty Incubus song at the top of my lungs.

Someone needs to create mom-angst rock music. Meh, I bet it already exists. If not, maybe I'll just do it myself.
So yeah, I'm wearing a skirt pulled up above the bosoms to make a dress. Cedar's war paint is courtesy of her big brother who decided to tattoo the both of them without my permission.
Marker tattoos are allowed in my home - just as long as the markers are washable. 
Does that make me weird that I let my kids draw on themselves and me as well?
 River calls marker tattoos "hoo hoos" He loves getting and giving "hoo hoos".
Maybe one day he'll grow up to be a famous and fabulous hoo hoo artist?

I discovered a store with dollar jewelry and accessories in the mall. The flowers and jewelry were all a dollar. The woven rings were buy-one-get-one from Romancing the Stone (Earthbound Trading Company) clearance for $3 total.
The God's eye were from Romancing the stone as well for $3 total. Loverly. The store is closing and everything is getting marked down dirt cheap. I'm about to go wipe them out as soon as I can!

Do you like hanging out alone?
Does adulting/parenting make you feel a little angsty too?


  1. That is some very cool boho swag there. When my kids were little I used to lose my mind on a regular basis. Now I'm an empty nester and it is soooooo lonely without them. Such is life.

  2. Oh yeah ...I have to get out of the house. Sometimes it is just going to dinner once a month with my best friend. This month, we are going to see a friend star in a play at the local theatre!

  3. Oh yeah ...I have to get out of the house. Sometimes it is just going to dinner once a month with my best friend. This month, we are going to see a friend star in a play at the local theatre!

  4. Well thank heavens I only have my pug to worry about. She can be demanding though! I know, I don't know what the Hell I'm talking about. Thus, why I didn't want kids, far too much responsibility for the likes of me.

    I'm kind of loving those rings.

    I also don't have any close friends where I live so I also wind up doing stuff on my own. I don't mind it though. Thrift shopping can sometimes even be better when I'm alone.


  5. Sad on a cracker! So descriptive. Cedar is just so cute, but I can understand the need to get a break. Thank goodness you have a bookstore to go to and some fun cheap accessories to buy. Grocery shopping is sometimes our only major outing each week, too. So exciting - reading the labels, sniffing the bakery, squeezing the avocados...

  6. Aww. Your little one wants to be all up on you. Haha. That's so cute, man. <3 That necklace is fantastic, by the way!

    - Anna

  7. Mom-angst is music I can relate to! I let my kids draw on themselves when they were little. What does it hurt? It's easier to wash arms and legs than try to get marker off of the walls.
    Your new jewelry is amazing. I love the rings!
    I like leaving the house for non-mom time. I usually wind up browsing the charity shop. It's nice to get a break from dishes/laundry/"there's no food in this house, mom!"

  8. I love my own company, I've been abroad alone and, before our local cinema closed and moved to some stupid out of town place I can't get to 'cos I don't drive I used to see films on my own.
    Love the new jewellery and the way you're wearing that dress is fantastic! xxx

  9. I live in a town without public transportation and I don't know how to drive. So, I stay home a lot. That's why the internet, Netflix and books were invented.

    Good score on the jewelry

  10. Hollie, we should totally form a band just belting out these mom-angst songs! And I don't have a lot of friends to hang out with too, so I do what you do and just hang out at bookstores, or my in case sometimes, the local drug store coz I'm sadder than you.

    PS Your blog comment just totes made me LOL. Tell Cedar I'm sowwy for taking mommy's attention:P


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