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Monday, February 15, 2016

VD for me! VD for you! VD for everyone!

The husband took me to Shreveport, LA for a Valentines evening date. At first he had something ridiculously elaborate planned - something to do with a hotel and wasting money on romantic whatnots but I begged him to change the plan after I discovered he failed to find an overnight babysitter. Who wants to keep a 1 and 3 year old overnight at the last minute Valentines weekend? Um, no one.

He took me to a restaurant we pass all the time but have never been to. It's a fantastic Cajun place called the Blind Tiger. The inside wasn't as hep as the name suggested but the food made up for all that. 

I forgot my camera so enjoy these terrible Instagram photos from our evening.

The fried shrimp and remoulade was so good I almost cried.

After dinner we went to a casino.
I had no intentions of doing any serious gambling - I've just never been inside a casino before and I was wildly curious about what happens in these dens of shame and addiction.

We walked around and watched the people smoking their cigarettes, drinking their domestics, eyes glued to the screen of the flashing slot machines.

All of the machines beeped and sang out in the same note so there was a steady pleasant hum of electronic victories all around.
The air smelled heavily of hand soap.
It was actually rather enjoyable.

I couldn't remember if it was on my bucket list to simply go to a casino or gamble at a casino, so I put a dollar in a machine and pressed a button to make sure I was getting the full experience.

I won nothing but a strangely arousing experience.

We got back into town before our coach turned back into a pumpkin, picked up the kids from their aunt's and took a couple pics. Here's what I wore:
Dress - Ross Dress for Less, $10
Necklace - eBay
Boots - Handmedowns
Other jewelry and accessories - cheap retail and internet findings
Legs - Haven't shaved in months
Bosom - getting bigger?

 And here's what Cedar wore to church on Valentines morning. Yes it's a Minnie Mouse dress. Not Minnie Mouse-ish. It is a Minnie Mouse dress minus the ears. HEE HEE!! I found it on clearance at Kmart for $5 and I couldn't pass up a dress that can serve double duty as both a Valentines Day AND Halloween outfit.

So how was your Valentines Day?
How's your colon feeling?
Do you wanna make out?


  1. Y'all looked so good:) And your VDay sounded lovely, Hollie. A good meal with great company, and gambling to boot:D We don't really celebrate the day but we like living variously through others....hehe

    PS Your Minnie Mouse is just too precious.:)

  2. Cedar is perfect in that dress! I really like your man in the black and white photo. It looks like a real vintage photo.

    Looks like it was still a fun day out despite the last minute changes.

    I also don't understand losing money to gambling. I guess a person needs to win big once in order to truly understand.

    I made high tea and then was too exhausted to take photos of myself. Bad blogger.


  3. VD? I was thinking of the less pleasant one. We worked all weekend so it was just another day to ignore.
    Cedar looks so cute in her dress and you look fabulous. xxx

  4. Sounds like a groovy night! I spent my Valentine's weekend recovering from whatever funk is floating around... my husband watched our son and took care of me. As I'm 28 weeks pregnant I was ordered to bed. Ah well... but Brad doing everything he did just shows how much love he has for me and our

    And, can I just say I would love to squeeze that little Cedar! Too cute!

    Maybe next Sunday we'll make it to church...

  5. OK, first, you are looking all hot and sultry and smokey-eyed!I hope hubby was suitably adoring. Second, I gambled in a casino once - I won $1.75 on a dollar in the slots. It wasn't even worth cashing in the ticket (not even real quarters!). Cedar is so cute, posing and Minnie-ing like a star. My colon is fine, thank you for asking. And I am making out.

  6. $11 for a pack of smokes? Another reason not to smoke. My in-laws lived in Reno for years, so going to a casino was something we did "for fun". Most of them are too tacky for words.

    Cedar keeps getting cuter by the photo.$5 dress? Why to go.


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