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Monday, June 6, 2016

...but do you REALLY know the muffin man?

Hot diggety dawg. Watch out ya'll - she's wearing pants again!
These pants have been in my closet for a couple of years and I was mostly just hanging on to them for costuming purposes. I'm not sure what kind of costume I would need them for but if you know me - you would know that I would need them for a costume. That's just how things work around here.

As you already know - I hate pants but I've got nothing against and nice pair of loose fitting trousers every now and then. The problem with these is that they're white with pockets and the pockets show though horribly and my undies show though no matter what color I wear and I've never had a top long enough to cover that fact...
Or so I thought.

I totally forgot about this dress shirt thingy.
The pants and top were handed down to me and I'm not a fan of either items but together I think they did ok. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit today after church though. I think it was the shocker of seeing me in pants. Do pants make chicks more attractive?
...or is it just me?
Let's choose the latter.

So in other news, the fruits and veggie diet didn't go as planned. 
Eating that much fruit and bland veggies drove me to the point of break after just two days so I just started throwing it all in my juicer.
So now I'm juicing and eating a super low cal vegan cabbage soup for substance - sometimes a simple paleo meal like a veggie-egg scramble if I'm too too too hungry.

Although I've cheated a few times, it's actually a pretty easy diet to follow. 
 And the cheating as for a reason! I was sick to death of having to go to the bathroom every thirty minutes and I don't mean to just go wee. But things are kind of starting to erm, balance out I guess you could say.
I have no idea how much weight I've lost - that is if I've lost any at all but I do feel a little happier and more energetic. I'm going into my second week and I'm pretty sure I can keep this up!

In other news, my city got an Asian market!
If you know anything about Texarkana then you'd know how impressive that is!
This town is LACKING in culture so hard it hurts so everyone has been totally flipping out over this place.  Yesterday I totally broke my diet with some canned eel and shrimp chips but hey, I say it was worth it! I was cerebrating! 
And plus it was like 100 calories for all of it so no big D.

Do you have an Asian market where you live? Do you go to it?
If a theme song played every time you entered a room, what would it be?


  1. You look great! The long top and pants are nice and look cool enough for your hot weather.
    No Asian markets here. I really need to leave this microscopic town.
    I saw on instagram that your little guy was enjoying Bob Ross. Do we have a budding painter?

  2. YAY to the Asian market finally coming to town, to your juicing (which is really quite may-juh, dahling. Keep up the great work!), and to those white pants. You know you're not supposed to wear underwear with those, right? :D

  3. I looove our asian markets, more, we need more! Glad you have one now! I've done many a detox and fruit/veggie only thing. It can be tough, proud of you for mostly sticking to it. I feel you on too-frequent bathroom breaks. Those wipes (rather than tp) will be your best friend through your diet, haha. Good luck to you, love your outfit :)

  4. Your ensemble is just fabulous, so sophisticated, my dear. And kudos to you kiddo on the fruit and veggie diet. Just go with the flow, ya know...

  5. You say "my underwear shows through my pants" like it's a bad thing! :-)

    I love ethnic grocery-stores. We have many of them here in New York. They expose me to delicious and odd foods. I learned about tofu at an Asian one and buy frozen egg-rolls.

  6. we got one, and a couple of Indian ones and a Mexican one that has an awesome restaurant.

  7. You're looking fab!
    No such places here, the very concept would boggle the mind of residents!

  8. I love your outfit, no wonder you got complimented.
    Our Asian supermarkets are Indian, there's a big Chinese community down the road in Birmingham but, to be honest, I'm not a fan of Chinese food - rubbish for veggies. xxx

  9. Love this outfit! Added bonus that it also looks comfy.

    We have the second largest China Town in North America and numerous Indian, Portugese, Greek, Italian, Spanish, English, French you-name-it grocery stores. That is the cool thing about Toronto, lots of little neighbourhoods that cater to different groups.

    I don't think you'd like staying at my house, we only each veg and some fish. No meat, very little dairy and as of this year, no more booze either.


  10. You look great! Asian markets FTW!!!

  11. You look great in that outfit! We have several Indian markets and one large Asian market. We do go every now and then for treats. Anything by the Cars if I walked in a room, but specifically Candy-o. haha What about you?

    1. I'm going to go with the Spongebob Squarepants them song.

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