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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Grab yer booty and say "aaaaarrrrrrrrrrr" + VIDEOS!

You know what time it is....
Pirate Ball Stuff time.

Here are some photos and words and stuff and at the bottom of the post are two videos of my performance. Enjoy.

About the outfit:
I'm wearing a long sleeve sheer wrap top but despite the top being a 2X it still wasn't enough to cover my bosoms. So I wore a bodice over it for support and extra color. I tucked the sleeves upwards into my bra straps to keep the bodice straps from slipping down when I dance. Make sense?
The sheer top and 35 yard skirt are from eBay. Yes the skirt is made from 35 yards of material!
The yellow bodice was handmade by a friend. I'm wearing it inside out since the outer part is a dull orange - just not bright enough.

Me and husband.

The turnout was bigger this year. There were a lot of unfamiliar faces and many people came from out of town. Yippee! We did our usual live music, silent auction and costume contested hosted by Jack Sparrow.

Here is the official crew of the Pirates of Texaaaaarrkana.

And you asked for it so here it is. Me dancing!
I am performing two Russian Gypsy influenced dances.
(Prepare for my list of excuses)
As my skirt is too gathered, I was robbed of a little yardage from my skirt and I was unable to flourish as much as I would like. Had I have known that beforehand, I would have had a much bigger skirt made.

In the video you'll notice a distracting bosom gap in my bodice. Sorry - just giving you warning. I loosened the side laces of the bodice and ran a dress rehearsal and realized I needed to let it out more so the front would fully close... but I forgot to do that. So yeah... bosom gap.
A no no in rennie costuming.

The first  dance is to a traditional Gypsy song, Hai Ne Ne Ne.

The second dance is to Gogol Bordello's "Start Wearing Purple".
I just couldn't give 100% in this routine.
At the very beginning of the dance my feet cramped up horribly and I was extremely out of breath from the tightness of the bodice. I pushed through this routine praying I wouldn't black-out. I was getting tunnel vision and my chest was aching but dang it I made it. I clipped out a little bit of the dance and improvised with some crowd interaction to give myself a break.
That's the business of show folks.
And lesson learned:
I will NEVER dance in a boned bodice ever ever ever again.

The part with my husband was improvised as we decided not to do the "pull purple scarves from wife's bosom trick". I failed to replace that gag with something else.  He had no idea what I was going to do and neither did I.  I saw his standing there and thought,  "Sure, why not?"

Bodice free is the way to be!!
(end of the night strip time)


  1. I loved your video, you fabulous little mover - and your costume is fantastic, boob problems or not, you look fantastic. xxx

  2. Aaaaaw....Hollie, thanks for sharing the vids:) You're fabulous, girl! First of all, I honestly don't know how anyone can dance in a tight bodice so big kudos to you! And you and your hubby are too sweet in that part:D

  3. Oh Hollie. I looooove this. You and your husband are too cute - which explains the cute kids. Your dancing looks great and your costume is perfect. I think the skirt looks devine. Way cooler than Loie Fuller

  4. Yay! It's Hollie! How fabulous xxx

  5. Looks like it was a very good time. You're such a good dancer! Way to go.

  6. Your dancing was beautiful to watch! Gorgeous costume, too. I'd have never known you were being tortured by the bodice, eek! I'd have ripped that b off as soon as I got home, too!

  7. You are so talented and what a personality! Loved your costume. :-)


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