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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

like I escaped the loony bin.

We all went to the park Sunday and I handed my husband my camera so I could fix my necklace and he took a few pics. No biggie. OK, so when I check the camera I see this crap. How did my husband not notice I seriously missed some buttons on my sweater and was walking around looking like a mental patient! On top of that, I wasn't wearing any makeup and my hair was in in pigtails that I pulled together into one rubber band so there was a little nub of hair sticking out the back of my head. 

I must have looked absolutely CRAZY! No wonder people were acting weird around me.

I've deleted the worst of the photos. They're were just too much - too to terrible to share, so look at my kids and this rare Texas autumn scenery instead.

  So anywho - sorry I've been MIA these past couple weeks.
Gotta get those Thank$giving and Chri$tmas posts done over at the other blawg, if you know what I mean. You know, the whole blogging for money because I've got bills to pay thing....
I've made some pretty killer bohemian gift guides for Christmas and all sorts of cool stuff over there. So yeah, feel free to check it out...
It won't hurt my feelings one bit if you don't!
Ok, maaaaaybe a little.
Not much.
Just enough to make me cry.

Time to go see what you crazy beasts have been up to while I've got a little time.


  1. mine does the same damn thing. The worst photos in the world. Thanks to science, I can delete them ALL.

  2. You know, I think there's a photography class out there for hubbies/SOs of bloggers that "teach" these skills and both our husbands unfortunately went there....heehee
    Anyhoo, off to your other site now. C u there! :D

  3. Love your photos, that first one is wicked sick! And OMG, Thorne Garnets comment made me lol.. I am stealing that last line! haha.. -

  4. They're gorgeous photos despite the wardrobe dysfunction. Isn't River getting big?
    Jon's exactly the same, he'll take photos of me with my skirt on backwards or my dress tucked in my knickers and when I ask why he didn't say anything he'll say that he thought I was supposed to be dressed like that. x

  5. Husband's NEVER notice those types of things!


  6. Haha, thats funny about your sweater! I think he didn't notice because he loves you just the way you are!
    I'll join the others and say that my man wouldn't have told me about it either. Then on the reverse side, I often straighten his collar or fix his hair, and he gets annoyed.


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