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Monday, December 5, 2016

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Ugggghhh.... sorry again for the lack of updates about my life. I know how important I am to all of you and I know you just can't live without me! I'm sorry to rob you of my awesome sauce.

I wasn't feeling tip-top in these photos and it shows. I was tired and craaaanky.

Anywho - yesterday, I managed to drag myself out of bed after partying all night with my family at a triple birthday party and put on the same clothes I wore the night before. Meh. I do it all the time. Nothin' a little perfume can't fix.

Featuring this crocheted flower brooch made by sweetheart Lou of Loulou Downtown and this blue bling spider necklace. I bought the pendant long ago and never got a chain for it. Then I remembered, "oh yeah, I used to make jewelry. I have chain".
 Let's rock and roll.

Here are some pics from the party.
The party was to celebrate the my mom, her husband and his daughter's mother all turning 60 in the same year.
Here's a blurry photo of me, my mom and Cedar dancing.

The birthday bunch:
 I'm sure you can guess which one is my mom if you haven't already seen photos of her before.

Ok, bye!
Blog stalking time.


  1. That necklace, Hollie! So awesome, and yes, we did miss your awesomesauceness:D BTW, you look so much like your mom!

  2. What a pretty brooch. And you're a jewelry maven! On another note, there's something in your facial expressions that tells me we'd be good friends IRL. They display thoughts I connect with.

  3. You're having us on, mum is your sister, surely! She's as gorgeous as you are! xxx

  4. Your mum is gorgeous! The apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree with you x

  5. Wow! You guys are the spittin' image of each other : ) Gorgeous!


  6. You and mom are cute and identical, aw :) I'm a clone of my mom too. Looks like you guys had fun, worth the sleepiness the next day right?

  7. That looks like it was a really fun party! I'll join the crowd and say how much you and your mom look alike, and how gorgeous you both are!

    Love the crocheted pin with that outfit. xo


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