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Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's the other way around


Some of these photos are from my upcoming Soul Flower blog post coming out next Friday.
The husband was at work and not due to come home til' dark to do my photos so I distracted my kids with some food and YouTube videos, put the camera on a side table and a stack of books (too lazy to look for the tripod) and tried my darnedest to look natural.

See? I'm naturally blurry. Like Bigfoot.

As you can probably guess, the post features these organic cotton original art leggings (not an affiliate link, just sharing) but I couldn't get a decent full body shot standing on the bed without a gun pointed right at my head.
No really, there's a hunting rifle mounted high on the wall near the ceiling and it looked like I was being held hostage by a ghost in every photo. It's been edited out of the photo... poorly... but it's gone.

And thanks to Val for informing me that this backwards peace sign isn't acceptable in the UK.
 It's a good thing I didn't submit this particular photo...
I'm like, "Peace, love and up yours, bro!"

So what have you kookies been up to lately?


  1. You look gorgeous!!! I didn't know you couldn't sign like that in the UK!

  2. Hey...what's wrong with the backwards peace sign? And Hollie, you look so lovely in that first shot, and all the others are cute too, of course:D Those leggings rock.

    1. I hear tale it's like showing the middle finger. Woopsie!

  3. What fantastic photos, you look like a total babe.
    The two fingered salute is quite acceptable here, we do it all the time and haven't got into trouble yet! x

  4. Hollie!!!! You look so cute! I love these photos. And I want to thank you for introducing me to Soul Flower. Such great things. Do you get a kick back of anything I buy? Let me know because if I decide to order anything from them I want to be sure that you get the credit. I big frontwards peace sign to you!!

    1. I have an affiliate link for them but I never use it and I don't wanna track it down. No worries! I get paid in free gear so it's all good. Thanks so much for thinking of it tho!

  5. These photos turned out great! You look damn adorable.

    BTW...I do have some stuff in my Etsy store for bigger gals ; ) I just don't normally model them. It's a bit of a pain on Etsy because you aren't able to search via sizing. Half of my vintage doesn't even have sizing in it so you need to go by measurements. I'll keep my eyes open for anything gypsy for you!


  6. That top picture would make a very nice profile shot! I'm in desperate need of a new one myself, so I think I'll try the "Lay on your bed with your camera on a stack of books" method, a la Hollie!

    Those are great leggings.

  7. And there's me, not even keeping up with blogs that mention me by name! Thanks for the shout-out. You have got a winning smile, even when it's forced at gunpoint! Great pictures, and I love the leggings too.

  8. The pictures came out adorable :) I've done the stack of books method before too, haha :)


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