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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hollie Jolly Stuff

Wowee zowee, here I am.
I managed to stay up past 1am New Year's Eve and I probably could have stay up a little later if it wasn't for the nausea I was experiencing from eating a family-sized bag of potato chips, two huge  helpings of portobello pasta and the 8 tankards of cheap merlot I drank. I laid down and prayed for digestive peace until I fell asleep. 

So anyways, I'm trying struggling to keep my eyes open and I can't focus very well. I would very much like to go take a nap....zzzzzzzz..... ugh, here are some photo from the Holliedays. 

Sunday before Christmas as Church:

Christmas Eve Morning:
We opened our presents early since we were going to spend Christmas with the inlaws.
Cedar got a pink dump truck to match Rivers red and yellow one and I painted a silver Ford pickup truck with nail polish and sparkly stuff to go with a truck he got. When you have kids this close in age, get two of everything.

The husband's gifts to me. He did a good job!

Christmas Day:
My brother-in-laws

 The family.

The Day After Christmas:
Went to my dad's in Marshall, TX on the way back home to Texarkana.
This would be a great photo if I wasn't too lazy to edit it right now.  

So... that's it.
How were the Holliedays for you?


  1. Sweet photos! Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Overeating is the best part of the holidays. No one questions you.


  2. Oh goodness! Just too adorable, Hollie:) And you all got some good haul for Christmas! Anyhoo, Happy New Year to you and the whole family:)

    PS Your NYE sounded like my Christmas Eve. I need to do some sort of detox for the new year....maybe...

  3. What gorgeous photos! You are a beautiful family!
    I love the in-laws house, it looks just like the house i imagine all Americans live in from the books I read! xxx

  4. Awww! Perfect photos. Wonderful family! Happy New Year! <3

    - Anna

  5. I had a fab vacation in California. When I got back, there was a wonderful card from you! Thanks. I going to rummage around for a frame to put the art work in.

  6. Happy Holliedays! Looks like it was a very good time. I love the family photo of you four. Get that one printed up and in a frame!

  7. What a beautiful family, Hollie. Happy HollieDaze to you all!


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