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Friday, January 27, 2017

four how long, now?

If you're reading this post then there's a great chance you remember when this kid was born. Crazy no? Welp, he turned four on the 20th of January! 

I've been blogging since forever but I didn't start interacting with other bloggers until I was pregnant with #1. I was on the hunt for other mom bloggers and somehow stumbled into a strange underworld populated by eccentric punky-haired middle aged women who dress in vintage clothing with bracelets up to their elbows.
Needless so say I liked them much better than the 20 something hipster moms I was looking for.
Now mind you, I have come across a few "mom bloggers" that I love and follow but they are few.
I found them in the comment sections of the older ladies blogs and figured, if they like that blog then I'll probably like them too!
So here we are.

Because kid's birthday parties are terrible and no one really likes them, I'll just share with you a few random photos because... I can.

Since River loves trains I figured let's do a train themed party. Duh. 
But he loves Thomas the Train. Nope. Not gonna do it.
Mama don't do cartoon themed parties. That's too easy and super overplayed.
Soooo I asked him what colors he wanted for his party and he said "rainbow".

Alright, a rainbow train party. My greatest event planning challenge to date... and I failed.

So are you noticing a lack of trains in these photos yet?
Yeah. If you want train party decor, you better be going for Thomas or nothing at all.
Since I didn't have time to order anything online I just ran to the dollar store and grabbed anything I could find that was colorful. I couldn't even find party stuff in all the colors of the rainbow so... we'll just try again next year. Meh.

Yup, that's River being consoled by his Granny. Not because there were no trains, but because the girls at the party formed a clique and we wasn't invited.

I'm not sure what this face is about.

Alrighty. That's it. Hopefully I can get caught up on blog reading today. 
I've been stupid busy with my other blog and the social media management business thingy is really taking off! Woohoo!
See ya soon!


  1. ahhh, Happy 4 River. Hard to believe, ain't it? So that's how you got with all us groovy old ladies!

  2. Aaaaaw.....belated Happy Bday to River. And I think you did a fab job decorating! Rainbow anything is always good:D

  3. Awwwwww. Poor baby. <3 He's too cool for those girls, anyways. ;) Hehe. Happy belated birthday, little guy! :DDD

    - Anna

  4. Oh my goodness... four!?! We first had contact just after he was born, and now I've really got the sense of time flying by! I can only imagine how it is for you. He sure is a cutie, funny faces and all. xo

  5. Happy Birthday, River! Where has the time gone? Four years!!
    If I'd have known I'd have come over in my Thomas the Tank Engine Dress, it drives all the boys wild! xxx


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