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Monday, February 13, 2017

Catch up, ketchup, catsup...

I bought myself a toy.
Seriously, I bought myself a $1 Yellow Submarine Hot Wheels. I said it was for the kids, but it's mine. MINE!

So, let's get caught up. 
My freelance social media management business is doing great! I get to work for super super cool companies that I simply adore. I'm not going to give names (just a courtesy thing) but I'm currently working for an American Tribal Style belly dance collaborative, a Russian merchandise store (totes in love with it), a clogging dance team (!) and a child abuse awareness program.

So basically what I do is update their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts for them using my wicked self-taught marketing skillz to help them gain clients and more sales and stuff.
I frigging love it. If you need help with something just gimme a holler, I can squeeze in a couple more clients (and I'm cheap too!).

I'm also helping out with the city's Mardi Gras parade this year. I've volunteered to coordinate the kid and pet parade, helping design flyers and promoting and all that good stuff. I can do all that from home so it's been pretty easy to do.

I'm also in charge of the faire's float this year since the new owners will be in Galveston at the BIG Texas Mardi Gras prade to be a part of our friend's crew there. Our friend (Fred Flores) is going to be Jack Sparrow in the parade and many of our folks will be playing the rest of the Pirates of the Caribbean folks with him. So there's that. We got reps in two hotspots during Mardi Gras so YAY.

Here's a sneak peek of my costume for Mardi Gras. The parade theme is "decades" and I chose the 1880s for us since most of us do steampunk stuff and already have victorian-ish clothes... easy peasy. I put this outfit together in about 10 minutes. It's a thrifted hat I bent into a more shape, a satin nightgown, skirt to a Tudor costume, my gypsy overskirt and custom leather waist half-corset. Not the most period correct Victorian costume but I'm cheap and I have no intentions of buying a costume for this. This'll do just fine.


We were running super late for church, so I literally just started picking up clothes off the floor and threw them on. I do that a lot. Coordinating outfits gives me a headache. I like the spontaneous "just grab something" method much better.

Sunday evening we took the kiddies to a park that's new to us. Too lazy to find a different outfit for outdoors play, I just took off the leggings and caftan thingy. The temperature dropped and it got uber windy, I regretted the strip-down but I held my own.

Have you ever seen me show so much leg before? Oooh laa laa! 

And now it's time to go see what you wackos have been up to. Laterz!


  1. Hollie, so good to hear your freelance business is doing great! I used to freelance so I know how hard it is to hustle sometimes for gigs, but you're doing awesome:) Keep it up. And love the more of those legs, girl!:D

  2. I don't know anyone under 40 with those Yellow Submarine Hot Wheels, you're the youngest yet!
    Gorgeous photos, River & Cedar are so cute and you totally rock the shorter dresses.
    Glad the bizz is going well. xxx

  3. You just reminded me, we need to buy ketchup.

    Mardi Gras is something I wish we celebrated here. It seems like so much fun, not to mention purple being of my favourite colours. Your costume looks great, as do your oh-la-la legs!

  4. Looks to be a mountain of laundry to fold in the background of your Mardi Gras outfit post. A mom's work is never done!
    I too have lots of toys and trinkets meant more for kids. But they are MINE, all MINE.
    You are such a busy gal, congrats on the success of your business.


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