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Friday, September 13, 2013

do you know the muffin man?

I have been busy. Like, stupid busy.
The faire is in three weeks and I've been spending up to ten hours a day tying up those annoying little loose ends: stage schedule, making decor, placing cast members and volunteers, arranging vendors, collecting donations, answering emails, radio interviews.... little things that don't take much time to do, but boy there's a lot of it to do. Tiny little tasks listed by the dozens on my daily to-do list that I have to chip away at until it's all gone.
 One of the items on my to-do list was to glam up this simple muffin hat I found on Ebay that matches my new gown perfectly. I used a couple of ostrich down feathers and a brooch that once belonged to my late grandmother. She was a serious DIYer so I know she would be tickled pink to see her brooch given new life. 
 Also on the to-do list was to buy River an outfit for the faire. This is the ONLY outfit I could find in his size on the entire world wide web. I've started looking for his outfit long before he was even born! So I knew it was meant to be when I finally came across this amazing complete outfit on Etsy for around $70. It's a 3T so it will need to be taken in a little, but that means he'll get to wear it next year and possibly the year after!!
The quality of this outfit is mind blowing!!! It sturdy, lined in black satin and the green brocade shimmers!!
 My new office is serving as storage for faire decor and supplies. This is just a view of the office from one angle. The whole room is a Renaissance wreck.
 This year we finally have enough money for games and activities.  We have Dunk the Monk dunking booth. Yes, the guys participating will be dressed as monks. The prize? A monk bear!!
How cute is this???
And the Bard's Whim is a live music version of musical chairs for all ages.
 In case you can't tell I free-handed the top two signs... horribly... so I decided to try a cleaner method for our King's Chalice game sign.
 I trace the letters with a permanent marker until it bleeds through onto the sign. Then I trace the bleed-though and then fill it in. I forgot to photograph it, but the signs have been distressed with wood stain, so they look less like painted garage sale signs.
Tomorrow we'll have a booth set up at the Four States Parade for handing out flyers and begging for more volunteers to help with the faire. It's gonna be hot and I'm going to be miserable... but I'm sure there will be funnel cakes and corn dogs being sold somewhere and THAT'S what's going to make it worth while... oh, and you know- the whole promoting the faire thing...
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  1. wow, you've got so much to do! The poster looks awesome!

  2. Weeee, this is an exciting time for you. Looks like it's coming along well. Can't wait to see pictures of River in his gorgeous outfit, and you for that matter. Well, and pictures of the whole faire. It all sounds very interesting and you know if I lived nearby I'd be right in there volunteering for you.

  3. I like how unlike your blog is to anyone else's. Your style, your interests, your attitude -- it all rocks. It's wonderful to see you dive deeply into the faire preparations. We can tell how much you love it.

  4. Shy biker said it best you are totally different and I love that about you! I can't even imagine the hard work that goes into this. River's outfit is such a beauty what a good find. I also love what you did to the hat. Best of luck promoting this weekend, and eat a funnel cake for me, I have yet to try that, shame on me!
    Thanks for the kiss to my nose! I love your crazy ass world!

  5. You are such a hard worker! The hat and River's outfit are incredible and I love the signage, too! x

  6. Wow, wow, and wow! I can't imagine what it takes to get something like this going, and to keep plugging away at it. You're doing a fabulous job, and I'm sure it will be really great - I wish I could go and dunk a monk!

    Love your hat, and I adore River's costume! Paisley!!!

  7. Dunk the Monk! Brilliant! Can't wait to see River all dressed up in his outfit :)

  8. You Faire starts on my husband's birthday! I love it and I wish we could come! Maybe one year... :) Very cool stuff and I bet you are crazy busy! I love planning for events but those last few weeks are always the most hectic.

  9. Make sure when you have his outfit taken in you leave the extra fabric so it can be 'let out' again... A good seamstress would do this anyway, but it never hurts to make sure it's done right since you know you want to use it when he's bigger.

  10. Job well done! Love the spruced up muffin hat- and gah- that baby's RenFaire togs are gorgeous!


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