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Sunday, September 29, 2013

and the marching band was there too

Wow. I think this is the longest I've ever gone in between posts. What has it been? Seven, eight days?
Unlike most of you lucky duckies, I don't get to go to festivals, concerts and museums. Going out to eat is a once-a-month occurrence, thrift shopping is an often painful and frustrating ordeal, I don't have any outgoing friends so I have no parties to go to and no parties to throw and I'm not a fan of dressing up in my best silks and lipstick just to sit around the house changing diapers and watching the Munsters on Netflix.
So, in summation:  I don't always have something worth blogging about.
But I do today.
My hat. It is. Fabulous.
 In junior high and high school I was a hardcore marching band nerd. I played the euphonium (or baritone, AKA little tuba). I loved playing the music, I loved marching, I loved the uniforms, even the way they smelled... before, during and after a show.
I was obsessed with band and I was one of the top band students in the school. 
I wanted to continue band in college but my fist year of college was at a small school with no band or music program. I moved to a bigger city to go to a better college and join the band... but I lost sight of why I was even going to college in the first place and never went back.
(I don't regret it.)
When I found this helmet in the toy bin at Salvation Army Friday, I immediately knew that this hat was no toy. This was no dress up thing. This is the real deal.
I knew I had save this poor fellow from the sticky hands of some drooling toddler with a plastic glitter-filled twirling baton. I had to rescue it and give it a home and for $2.99 that wasn't a very hard decision to make.
What was your passion in school?
16-year-old me at a marching competition. 
Double bonus:
I was also on the drill team and about six other clubs and activities. Boy was I zealous.


  1. HA!! I LOVE your zealousness!! What a cute gal blowing your horn all loud and proud like that!!!

    Those black and white photos are brilliant.
    I was intrigued by the whole band thing when I was in the states.. we don't really have these over here at schools. We have marching girls but it's not a school thing.. They wear huge hats and I mean HUGE and VERY short skirts. And LONG boots. I love those boots.

    Anyway. I love your blog posts.

  2. Goodness me, you are a woman of hidden talents! I love that hat and that photo of you with your tuba rocks! xxx

  3. cute drill team outfit. I hated high school, my passion was not being there

  4. I was in the Marching Band in high school too! Although I loved the brass instruments (euphoniums were in my top favorites!), I played the clarinet. I was a TOTAL band nerd too, studied all the instruments in the clarinet family in high school and enjoyed every second of marching band! But we didn't get cool hats, except in my Freshman year when we did a Zoot Suit themed performance with fedoras. That was pretty awesome!

    And I wasn't in the drill team, but the dance team lol. Is that close? Can we be friends still lmao? Love the hat! I totally would have bought it too. Bet you will find an AWESOME use for it, or just wear it everywhere... which would be awesome too. :)

  5. AWESOME hat! I love all your pics here. They have that glossy magazine quality.
    I often see vintage band jackets in the thrift store but they sell for about $80. I have my eye on one in case there's a sale - doubtful. There's also an authentic vintage band hat but it's part of the owner's personal collection in the showcase - price-less.

  6. I love the band hat!!!! So jealous of your music skills. I am taking my girls to a high school football game next month. Not to watch football... I want them to see the band and hopefully get inspired!!

  7. haha fantastic! I love love the top shot.

    I too was in the high school band and at the top of the class. I played trumpet and while we did play many marches (which I totally loved) our band was a concert band. Oh my goodness, thanks for reviving some of my best memories from my youth right here with this post!

  8. I don't know what drill team is but your outfit was awesome.

  9. Aw heck, you should link up with Style Crone's Hat Attack with that marching band wonder!

    I'm a marching band geekoid too - I played the french horn and LOVED IT!

    I too wanted to continue with music in college but life kinda got in the way....

  10. I forgot to mention that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award, you beautiful ball of sunshine you! You are just that awesome. :) Check out the post,

  11. Fantastic! The hat is indeed a great find and the price an absolute steal. Look at you in those amazing outfits!
    Lots of love. Sorry I haven't dropped by as much as I would like to but life has been hectic xx

  12. You were in marching band AND drill team? I am super jealous. I still get a lump in my throat when I hear a marching band. And we didn't have a drill team at my high school which is just plain SAD. My mom was a majorette in high school. I wanted to twirl a baton sooooooo bad! I'm so happy to see you on my bloglist. Welcome aboard you cute thing!

  13. I love seeing the younger you in your band uniform! You were a busy bee in high school!


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