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Monday, September 16, 2013

jam packed, not jelly... it's jam.

Saturday was the most action packed day I've had in a while. It was one of those days that gets started so early and ends so late that when you look back in it, it seems like three days rolled into one.
We got up early to set up a booth for the Four States Fair Parade - the parade that kicks off the opening of Texarkana's annual fair and rodeo. We took this opportunity to promote the faire. The vendors were placed in a terrible location in a parking lot behind a building so traffic was super low. We mostly just handed out flyers to the other vendors and chased what little people came through there to tell them about the faire.
We weren't sure about how hot it was going to be so we went with tees instead of full garb. I hate wearing tees. My boobs are not tee friendly. They get smashed down to my waist and there's nothing I can do to lift them up. And getting a bigger size just makes me look mannish and frumptastic.
As you can see in the bottom left photo of this collage, my husband got his first haircut in over three years. He was growing it out to donate for Locks of Love but working outdoors for hours a day sun-bleached the heck out of it and it became brittle and dry and looked like a mangy horse tail.
A traditional Texas parade kickoff: pretty rodeo queens on horses at the front of the line.
You see Arkansas flags and signs but I said we live in Texas. What's up with that?
We live in Texarkana which spans across Texas and Arkansas.
We live on the Texas side. (Which kinda sucks because the booze is on the Arkansas side).
After the parade I decided to unwind by stopping at the Salvation Army before grocery shopping. The items in that place are disgustingly overpriced. I almost left when I first walked in and saw a horse figurine at the front for TEN DOLLARS. Say whhaaaaaatt??? I found the records for .99 each, the novelty Irish suspenders for the husband for $2 and the Chuck Taylors for $9.
That's as good as it gets around here folks.
Later that evening we all went for a rare family outing. Mexican was the choice, my friends. Have you ever had crawfish enchiladas? No? That sucks. They're awesome.
When we got to the restaurant we were greeted with... the stares. I mean, like, from eeeeveryone. People turning around in their seats to get a look, the works. The kind of stares that'll make you wanna yell, "Take a picture, it'll last longer!" I'm not sure what was going on but I here's a list of ideas:
1. We brought a baby into restaurant that people treat like a bar because they have nothing better to do.
2. White man. Black woman. Mixed baby. A Southern rarity. Harmless gawking.
3. Hot black chick in pretty blue dress, something to admire? I'll allow it.
4. Hot chick, adorable baby and stylish dude? Stare worthy.
4. A black chick walking into a restaurant that black people RARELY visit... 
Welcome to Texarkana!
Moving on... later we went to a Books-A-Million because it's the only family friendly place open at 9:30pm, plus I heard that Tom Waits was on the cover of Juxtapoz this month so I HAD to have it.
So there was my action packed Saturday. How was your weekend??


  1. haha!!! I bet you do get stares :) That's alright, let 'em look, cause looking is they can do!
    Well, you know what I look like; when we go to big cities we get funny looks and hear funny things. One guy thought we were dressed up as a bunch of pilgrims and didn't know why, "thanksgiving was several month off"... :)

  2. Hubbies haircut looks hot!
    Ha, I know what you mean about babies and red lips! My friends daughter always made a grab for them when she was tiny, and our cousins baby daughter does the same! I don't really go for the Koko the clown look, so I need to remember not to hold them so close! X

  3. O, and T's are dreadful on my boobage!! Avoid, avoid!

  4. Wow, you lived a week in that one day. Great post. Lots to look at. I have both of those vinyl LPs!

  5. Wow, all this in one day? That does sound like action packed! But hey you look awesome in this blue dress, the colour totally suits you! And aaaw little River looks so cute checking out the magazine! :D

    And btw may I say that I find it "typically American" that they name a city which is located two states after the two states mixed together in one word? That is so hilarious! :) No offense! Just so unusual fpr Europeans ;)

    1. Actually Texarkana is named from THREE states. Arkansas, Texas AND Louisiana. When it was founded, the folks thought that they were also spanning across Louisiana... but they were off by like 50 miles! That's where the "ana" part came from. HAHAHA!!! What a greedy name, no?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Wow, that was one fun filled day. Now I really want to try Crawfish Enchiladas. Your blue dress looks terrific on you. Great colour.

  7. I'd pick 3 & 4, if I didn't live even further south than you.
    Some people are just plan rude.

    I feel the same way about t-shirts. If I get them to fit my hips, they bag like crazy around the top.

  8. River is just so damn cute!!!! Actually, you all are - a lot of smiles in this post. I hope you smiled graciously at all your admirers in that restaurant. You know they were all just jealous of your beautiful family!

  9. I'd go with option 4 - you're an incredibly hot couple with a cute baby, who wouldn't look? Love that blue dress and you can definitely rock a tee without looking in the slightest bit mannish! xxx

  10. I often wonder how you and your hubby are receiving living where you are, so thanks for well a weird red neck story;). I'd stare and smile because I think your smiley is beautiful, plus you are truly unique girl! Those rodeo girls freak my liver. I wish we lived closer you are a good time, I just know it! Hubby's hair cut is cute as is Rivers obvious love for Tom Waits. Clap yer hands!

  11. I don't know what you are talking about--you fill out that tee beautifully!! Loving the your man's haircut and your whole family is hot!!!! Fucking starers!! You look great in that blue dress. Mexican food just might be my favourite...

  12. Totally jam packed! (And jam is so much better than jelly)

  13. Your son is soo cute he's getting so big & you say my daughter is my twin!? That boy is your spitting image! :)

    I used to have the boob problem too but recently I went to dillards and got a heavy duty expensive ass bra! It was like $60 but well worth it because it gets these things in place lol. ahhh the many joys of big breast! lol

    The parade seemed fun! Too bad they put you in a bad spot so you didnt get much traffic. Hopefully a lot of ppl come out to the renaissance fair! I can't wait to see how everything will look!


  14. Definitely option 4 - you all looked great. I love your blue dress.


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