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Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 Texarkana Renaissance Faire

Hot, steamy, mosquitoes the size of chickens, RAIN, low traffic, weird vendor placements and a fly infestation.
That was the faire. The end.
Well, that was how I saw it because that's what stood out the most...
Oh and one more thing. It's kind of good news. No, I kid. It's HUGE NEWS.
You know what that means? No more begging for money and free entertainment, no more sleepless nights wondering how I'm going to pay for something so simple as bottled water for the entertainers. We'll be in a new and BETTER location! Now we will be recognized as an official tourist attraction and have the same treatment, attendance, promotions and advertisements as any major festival in the area!
And now for your viewing pleasure, here are a few photos of the faire. There are so many photos I want to share with you so I compiled a few into multiple collages so your computer doesn't explode trying load this post.
Enjoy! More to come soon!

My favorite costumes of the faire. A "Knight Princess" and "Viking Fairy"! Completely original costumes these girls put together themselves.

...and it rained Saturday... A LOT.

River and daddy!!

And lastly- an impromptu chicken balance belly dance!
I'll try not to flood your blog feed with posts about the faire this week but I would like to share a few more pics with you all. Stay tuned! 


  1. I loved the photos you shared on Facebook earlier! How beautiful do you look? You stole the show although everyone made such an incredible effort.
    That's amazing news about the city offering to sponsor the Renaissance Faire, you should be so very proud, all the blood, sweat and tears has finally paid off. Well done! xxxxx

  2. Very cool. Great photos; keep 'em comin'. I wanna be a Viking Fairy. :-)

  3. Yay!!!!! Congratulations on the Texarkana sponsorship! I knew all your hard work and amazingness would pay off! You go girl! <3 I was thinking about you this weekend, hoping the Faire would go well for you. That stinks about the rain, but clearly from your impromptu swimming pool picture the kids didn't mind too much lol! So glad it went well for you, and I am just dying over all of the pictures! I would love to go to a Faire sometime soon, all the color and embellishments on their costumes just made me want to soooooo much more lol! I can't wait for more posts! Yay Texarkana Ren Faire!!!!!

  4. Holy cow, Hollie, well done!!! You persevered and you made it happen!

  5. Awesome!!! So effing proud of you!!!! So much work!!! City sponsored Ren Faire!!!!! I am so impressed :)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! At last your perseverance is paying off. Awesome!
    Flies the size of chickens? That alone would be worth a visit.
    River is the cutest of them all, but you look fantastically regal in that gorgeous dress.
    Hugs for this great news.

  7. what great news! Way to go Texarkana

  8. Freakin' awesome! I'd love to go to one of these one day. Your own venue will be sublime! X

  9. So much fun! You look gorgeous. Impromptu chicken belly dance. Well worth the price of admission.

  10. Awesome pictures, awesome news, and awesome you! I hope you are proud of yourself and enjoying your success, m'lady!

  11. Fantastic news on the Faire! You look amazing in that frock too. I hope you can have some well earned rest this week after all your hard work. Xx

  12. This looks like such a lot of fun and it's such good news!

  13. As I clicked on the link to read this post I was thinking to myself 'Please say it went well, Please say it went well'. And then my heart fell as you started with the downsides, and then I cheered for you when I read the part about the city sponsoring your event next year! How fantastic. Such great news.

    These pictures are terrific, and in spite of what you've said about the weekend, it really looked like people were enthusiastic and enjoying themselves. Damn the rain on Saturday. We had a huge outdoor art show here on Saturday, and it rained for it too. No rain Friday or Sunday, but Saturday? Lots.

    And River in his little costume? Quite probably the cutest thing I'll see all week. xo

  14. I have loved seeing your pictures on Facebook too, you look so beautiful in your fancy ass gown! Despite all the troubles the fact that the city will sponsor you is huge, you did that girl, you are pretty friggin bad as you know that right?!?!

    Everyone looks incredible and I am in love with the Viking fairy original for sure! These was also a picture of a gal with a bow that kinda blew me away too. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Great job honey!

  15. Huge congrats!!!! What a feather in your cap! Great photos. Please do post more. Your little guy is adorable. Xoxo

  16. Oh that is such great news about the sponsorship, it must be a great feeling to have your hard work recognised. But hey, you seem to like hard work :-) and lots of fun. All I can say is wow the faire looks amazing.

  17. CONGRATS!!! That looks absolutely brilliant! You must be glad it's over - and YAY for the sponsorship!!!! Well done to you! Citizenship medal to you I say!

  18. Woooop! Next year is going to be bigger and better, but this year looks amazing. Would loved to have popped over for a visit! Xxx


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