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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Saturday evening me and the family went out to our town's first Oktoberfest downtown.
It was... um... for lack of better words... AWFUL.
This was my first Oktoberfest so I don't know what goes on at them but I have a very good imagination and I have a knack for event planning so I KNOW there should be more to it than one beer tent and COUNTRY WESTERN music.
New instillation at the Plaza. 
There were about four food vendors and about four craft vendors there. Yup. That's it.

Hooray for this couple who gave it their all - full of Oktoberfest spunk and enthusiasm- but I think they were working the only beer booth so of course they were dressed up. The booth sold mainstream beer that you can get anywhere. Nothing special.
The flyer advertised a homemade beer and wine contest, keg toss and costume contest but I didn't see any of that going on. It was sooooo bare and boring. 
Figuring maybe we got there too early, we left to grab a bite to eat with plans to come back to the fest to see if anything had changed. 
The restaurant is right across from the town's courthouse/post office. What's so great about it this building? Well the state line between Texas and Arkansas runs right through the middle of it. Cool, right?
Just a little but of fun southern history for ya. 
Below is an old Texarkana tourist postcard featuring said State Line:
We ate at this new restaurant which turned out to be pretty darn mediocre for it's high prices. During our meal River was pretty darn talkative, babbling and squealing at the top of his lungs and you can't just tell a nine month old baby to simply "be quiet" so we scarfed our food down as fast as possible and scampered out of there.
 After our meal, we went back to the Oktoberfest and it looked like it was closing down. According to the ads the fest wasn't supposed to be over until midnight. It was only 7:30pm. Yeah, it was that lame.
But I will say this as an event planner on the outside looking in on another event: at least the city tried.
You gotta get started somewhere right?


  1. Ha, I laughed at the thought of the talkative little mister at the restaurant. That Octoberfest does sound pretty lame ... Thankfully you didn't have to pay to get into it. You look very nice for your date though. Love the colour and style of your dress.

  2. Sorry it was so lame. That's sad. You need more Germans there. We know how to drink beer and eat pretzels!

  3. It does sound like a bit of a let down, but at least you and the fam looked fabulous! x

  4. They should hire you to direct it----I bet you could whip that Craptoberfest into something fun!

  5. How disappointing that it sucked. I agree with Tilda. They should hire you to plan next years Oktoberfest. You'd be way better at it.

  6. Hello hello is anyone there!!!! What a drag, seriously people get out of the house and enjoy something! I had to laugh because I'm a a little slow out of the gate and I just relieved you live that close to the border. At least you looked super friggin adorable in that blue dress! I also think your family is too dang cute!

  7. Oh no! the disappointment! I hope this weekend is a lot better :)
    Huggles xx

  8. Dang yea it mustve been lame. In my city they wouldve had a hardtime breaking up any festival by 12am


  9. LOL at awful - that was not what I was expecting! Thanks for your transparency + comical post! Great blog beautiful!


  10. Pity about the awful octoberfest, but hey, the bit about the court house on the state line is really interesting to someone like me who is practically half the world away. The blue dress looks lovely on you, it is a gorgeous colour.


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