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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

...oh and boobs. Yeah, boobs.

Sweet Moses in a basket, it's Autumn! Do you know what that means for me? Do ya!!!
You guessed it!
No more sweating!!
 Now I can layer up, break out the red lipstick, wear my hair down and zip my boots up.
I am so friggin' excited about the cooler weather that now I'm looking for an excuse to leave the house just so I can dress up and feel the air.
Leggings: Walmart
Wrist Cuff: Just a Dollar
Belly dance costume necklace: wholesale novelty website (has matching coin belt)
Boots: hand-me-downs

One dollar bling ring!
Look, ma! No sweat! 
Oh yeah, and I've got some strange news for ya.
Well remember the post I did about the ugly truth behind having big boobies? And then I posed in a photo the reads "My name is Hollie and I wear a 38I bra"?
Well... not any more...
 Now we're looking at at 36M folks. 
"N" is the end of the road and that's really the size I need since I have one booby larger than the other. 
Let me repeat what I just said so you can get the full effect of my problem here:
I'm not breast feeding, I'm not gaining weight... they're just... growing.
My feet too!  I've gone up a whole shoe size in a year!
What is this? Second puberty?
Well, I'm applying for Medicaid with hopes that they can help assist me or even pay for a much needed breast reduction surgery. My hatred of my massive chest is no longer an issue of vanity...
I'm just worried about where on earth I'm going to get a 36Z bra in the near future.
Or... I could stop worrying and just do this for the rest of my life? Hm? Whaddya think?? I think I'll be good at it. I'm think I'm definitely qualified for this position of tea... holder....


  1. You look great in plaid. I'm a bit of a plaidophile. And the coin necklace is fabulous. I'm a big boobed gal, too. It is no picnic. Even WITH tea (hysterical photo!) Even though you are pretty damn gorgeous just the way you are, I feel your pain, and I wish you luck with the Medicaid.

  2. OK, weird, my comment went weird... As I was saying, Your $1 bling is heroic and I love both outfits. As for the boob thing, as someone with none, almost, I can't imagine what it would be like to be so endowed. I wish you good fortune seeking help from Medicaid!

  3. Oh I do like that plaid dress! It looks great on you. That's a drag about your boobs growing. I hope Medicaid sees your situation as something they should help with.

  4. You look gorgeous in tartan and the coin necklace makes me weep with envy. I hop you get some help with those boobs, it must be hell on your back! xx

  5. I keep missing your posts because I go on Blogger all the time, need to get that sorted because I always enjoy them so much when I do catch them. I'm sad to see summer go, but I love your autumn outfit, I would wear every bit of it in a minute. My boobs are going the opposite way to yours I fear, pity we can't set up some transatlantic exchange deal in that department. xx

  6. Hooray for Autumn! I share your excitement! You look gorgeous in these pics. I think my feet are a bit bigger lately which is weird, but my feet are tiny so they could do with getting bigger! My boobs go up & down with my weight....which is mostly up these days. I had no idea bras stop at N. What the heck do girls do after that? Perhaps some kind of hoist? Jokes aside I hope you get some relief sometime soon. Xx

  7. OMG, the cup holder!
    Good luck with Meidcaid.

  8. Aw man that sucks..if i were you I'd try for the reduction (id get mine lifted in the process but thats a whole nother topic) bras are expensive as it is.

  9. ha ha yes august means no more sweating,lol. digging the plaid :) my fingers are crossed that you're approved for breast reduction, my friend got one just out of high school and she said it made a massive difference in her comfort levels.

  10. I love the way you talk about stuff with such honesty - I do not have big boobs, but I know several women who do, and they are often complaining of sore back and the cost of bras/finding bras that are pretty and comfy. I think it is a good idea to pursue reduction options, so fingers crossed. I hope that the cooler weather is enjoyable, you look really awesome in the plaid dress with leggings.

  11. Thank you soooooooo much for linking, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I also weep with envy at the sight of your necklace.
    It is so good to get new friends, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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