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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Faire Buys

And now it's time for me to share with you all the wonderful things I bought at the faire from my awesome vendors. 
For those of you who are just now tuning in to this station, you can get caught up on all this faire madness in my previous posts: Part One & Part Two.
Now, in my last post I dropped a hint about one of the items I bought. The hint was "roadkill". Well, I don't know for sure if the skull of this swamp rat came from a hit and run, but all I know is that I love it.
This hand painted swamp rat skull was purchased  from merchants Sylva Pagana. I bought it for my husband to give to him for Christmas, but I was too excited about this find and gave it to him the same night. It's on a  leather cord so you can wear it as a fancy necklace.
As we were not financially prepared for a lot of cash throwing at the faire, me and the husband traded in one of our partial deer skulls with antlers in-tact for some of Sylva Pagana's organic perfume. It's called New World Brew, strongly scented of coffee and nutmeg. New World Brew mixed with my new pumpkin spice body spray makes me smell like an Autumn Goddess! 
 I got this bag for a decent price from a vendor who sells low price Renaissance inspired goods. Their booth was kind of like a Rennie thrift store, a resale shop. This unused bag was only $12 . I rarely spend that much for purses but I have a weakness for Indian bags... especially colorful ones featuring elephants!
As a special Director's bonus, the seller threw in these two vintage pill boxes..I have no need for them so they will go in my Etsy shop for a low price since they were free.
The temperatures were stupid high the Friday we opened and I was so dang sick of sweating. I'm a forehead and upper lip sweater and it's most unattractive. I bought this fan from a vendor for $4.  Yeah, these are the same ones you can get at the dollar store, but when you sweat as much as I do (being in a hoop, crinoline, leggings to prevent chafing, suede boots and a brocade bodice)  you'll spend the extra money to try to stay cool. 
  And last my favorite buy.  I was on the hunt for something for River and this fat little fellow begged me to take him home. Much safer than a knife or sword! I got this plump precious handmade dragon from Rascal Robert's Magyke Emporium. The original price was $45 but I got a special discount of 50% off! That's a crazy awesome deal considering the fact that they are HANDMADE! Isn't he precious?? AND his head pivots! Oh, the handiwork on this thing is incredible! 
 And River loves him!
EDIT: Woops, I forgot this one! A handmade chalice from pottery merchant Thou Art Pottery
Well that's the last of the faire posts! Now that the faire is over, I don't plan on even THINKING about the next faire until May of next year. I'm ready for break!


  1. River is the cutest. I made a really similar dragon at craft club when I was a kid. The swamp rat skull is freaky. They must be big, compared to normal rats, if the skull is that size.

  2. OMG I love your child. He is so adorable. I'm sure being a mom is very hard work but you must get so must joy from that little guy. The dragon you got him is really cute. And I love your new bag. I have one similar that I've been looking for and looking for but just can't seem to find. And I want to use it before winter hits. And now seeing yours, I want it even more. Where did I put that damn thing?!

  3. Awww! Look and River! He loves his dino! xxx

  4. You know I feel some kind of kinship with you when you talk about your hate of the heat. My lovely neat fringe curled up today in a crazy way due to the humidy & my sweaty brow. Oh how I envy those who don't perspire & feel the heat. I just get hot thinking about the heat! River is so delicious, I just want to eat him up! I love the pill boxes...I use those heaps due to all my meds. If I have to be a druggo I may as well do it in style. I love the cross pottery too. Xx

  5. That rat skull is sick and by sick sick I mean I dig it! I also love the baby dragon for River! I love what you got at the faire! I'm a sucker for yummy scented oils, I love dusty rose a lil outfit here in Oregon.

  6. A swamp rat skull. Really? I kind of love it. Wow. You scored some great stuff. And is River the cutest baby ever????? With his little dragon. Awwww...

  7. You've got a great haul- I love that barter figured heavily into your awesome scores. And a perfume made from coffee and nutmeg? Buzz Buzz buzz: sold.


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