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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's raining, it's pouring, I wish I was snoring...

Dear me, I am so darn tired.
Every night I get six to seven hours of poor patchy sleep.
At nine months old, Little River is still getting up twice a night to eat. Since I'm not breastfeeding all I need to do is get up, mix up a bottle of formula, hand it to him in his crib and he'll eat in his sleep.
The problem is, I can't just go back to sleep while he eats, he needs to be somewhat monitored but I don't have the energy to sit and hover over him waiting for him to finish his middle-of-the-night bottles. So I lay back down and pretty much sleep with my eyes open until he's done. I do this twice a night.
I'm so tired.
I know these photos say otherwise but they were taken yesterday after having a few hours to wake up.
You know what I wanna do right now... besides go back to sleep for another five hours?
 I wanna eat some waffles.
I wanna listen to some gypsy jazz and maybe drink a little wine at 10:30 in the morning.
I think that's what I'll do.
No, River has gone back to sleep now.
Maybe I'll nap too?
Maybe I'll march into the bedroom and throw a coffee mug at my still sleeping husband to get him to wake up and take over for a spell.
The temptation is great. 
Anatomy of a boring but amazingly cheap outfit:
Cardigan, cami, leggings: Walmart clearance rack
Skirt: old dress with top cut off
Boots: Local beauty supply store (old)
Necklace: $1 Jewelry
Head scarf: Goodwill?
Bracelets: Ebay .99 wins


  1. Oh no ... reading your description of the twice a night routine even made me feel tired. Here's hoping the little guy soon grown out of that need to feed.

    Your outfit looks really cute. Love the cardigan.

  2. It's a lovely outfit. Oh I remember those sleepless nights.....yawn....

  3. Oh no you poor thing! I am a breastfeeder and THAT might be one of the main reasons! I am FAR too lazy for that malarchy! I just roll over and flop my boob out.
    Lack of sleep is a killer. Poor you.
    You look great though. How does that work?! x

  4. eeeek, lack of sleep is awful. I remember it well, but wish I did not if you know what I mean. It does get better. honestly it does. In the meanwhile grab sleep when you can, like when River is napping, oh you have probably heard all this stuff, but take heart, soon he will sleep right through. Keep smiling, you look fabulous.

  5. I feel exhausted just treading this, surely it can't go on much longer? You still look entirely gorgeous despite the sleepless misery! x

  6. I was the LAZIEST mama in the world and breastfeed all the little buggers. I am intolerable if I haven't had my eight hours, let alone having to get out of bed and make someone a drink. Always been that way ... having babies certainly does NOT automatically cause us to need less sleep does it? But hey, you look so gorgeous, you've taught me that bright colours make us look AWAKE! xoxoxo


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